Monday, 31 March 2014

Chaa Creek, Belize Healthcare Growth

Chaa Creek is a private nature reserve in Belize which is located on a 365 acre land and is an award winning eco resort. The good news today, on March 24, 2014 a report by Belize and US Military met to discuss final agreement to prepare for the forthcoming New Horizon Medical Readiness training exercise or MEDRETES in the Corozal region in Belize is great news for people.  The DVIDS that Government of the US military Medical and Belize complement met to discuss final adjustment for the new clinic.

 According to Emil Bradley, Those retired people moving to Belize, visitors and ecotourism that are keeping Belize in pace of rising growth.  Each year the medical Care is keeping a result of the growth and the improvement of medical care. This is to help the community in this kind of services now being offered in Belize. After all, superior medical care is the cornerstone to quality of life, and it's heartening to see that health remains a priority in Belize, he said.

Chunox, Progresso, and Libertad in this area Belizean and Military will provide medical care to residents and schools using MEDRETES as to learn from one another providing the needs of healthcare. Three schools had agreed to let use of  their building to provide medical care, so we link with principals to make everything was ready.  Lt. Col. James Smith, New Horizon chief liaison officer said.  

General Medicine, Dentists and Veterinarian care will be provided to local population and that Belizean and the US Medical group will work hand in hand. Mayor Daniel Bradley said " In the previous years,  healthcare has been a major issue in Belize, which is provided through both public and private healthcare systems.

Since the growth from the early days of tourism, Independence in 1981, people looked at the quality health care was part of equation. It was a visionary approach on both  Government and private sector which followed the hall to ensure people of Belize and visitors had access to health care. Chaa Creek, in this example, The relationships was recognized with local health clinics,  If  a guest suffered from an injury from a existing prior condition, they looked after by competitive doctors that are know and  well trusted.

It was part of the services given to the guests. Any adventurous resort will eventually be unsealed to few accidents or misshapen and we want to be ready from day one. Security systems, is understood that my staff's job was always proactive and reactive, said Mr Darrel.

Regarding to MEDRETES project Lt James mentioned that the Belizean Government and the US Military representative have equal exercise to ensure the best possible care is given to the local population while also providing valuable training opportunity for Belizeans and US Medical professionals.

Belize is still a new country developing,  health, quality, of life and other indicators it is great to see Belize in the right path. The records in the area is very excellent, especially when you consider that we have to offer true- back to nature experience such as horseback riding, canoeing and other outdoor activities ranging from soft to moderately extreme," Mr. Bradley said.

Chaa Creek is based under Chaa Creek Cares program which not many people now about. In the tourism it is based on sustainable, responsible travel, and the records is based on second to none. All rooms of 10% income for the past years had gone straight into the environmental and social project. If add up all that up you get the previous cooperation along with Government of Belize and the US Military.


Sunday, 30 March 2014

UPDATE: Grand Belize Entertainment Group to open Casino

Now you can Visit the website now officially available online these days and everyone who is a big fan of the card games can now play online poker from their homes. All this has been possible only because of the launch of the online casino websites which were launched on the web about a decade ago. These online casino websites introduced online casino games to the world and online poker is also among those games. It’s the middle of the night and you can’t sleep. This used to make you feel lonely, but it doesn’t anymore. With AllSlotsCasino you always know that you have companion in Australia, even at 2 in the morning, and that you can enjoy All Slots fun. Now the website is fully equiped in use and for any one to play one the website. Visit the website here  

An announcement was made by Grand Belize Entertainment where plans are made to build a world-class Casino Resort and Spa partnered with an online casino.  Group plans conceived designate one of a kind online entity  within the design of the resort. Grand Belize Entertainment Group will open its door in Santa Elena and was given the go ahead on Gaming license and secure the location where Golden Princess Casino was located in Santa Elena, Belize. The opening of its doors is scheduled to open second quarter of 2014.

The operation plan will include a total of 500 slot machines, 20 table games, a brand new 50-room hotel, over 20,000 square feet of events space, and many  first class food & beverage offerings.
The location that the Grand Belize Casino Hotel is located where visitors of over one million per year and is known for its popular duty-free shopping.

According to Michael Glauser, chief operation officer of the Belize Entertainment Group, “We are excited to step in and operate in this location. Although there are still plans for a larger casino resort, opening in this current location allows the Grand Belize brand to place a foothold in the market. We look forward to making a positive impact on the local community, as well as Belize as a whole.”

 Guest will be able to be exchange rewards and promotions only at Belize Casino Hotel through the website of Grand Belize's Online casino. The casino will be Brand partnership with Grand Belize interactive division's online casino. Website can be seen available on the casino's website, mentioned Glauser

The Grand Belize Entertainment Group is well known for its Development and its strong execution. focusing brand the differences the comparative competition.  Looking for this plans  for more information go to

Friday, 28 March 2014

Elvin Penner charged for Passport scandal

Six months ago Elvin Penner was giving Belizean passport to Chinese. Slowly, the evidence came out that Penner was responsible for the passport scandal. Elvin Penner was criminally charged and is out on bail for $2,000. He appeared at the Belmopan Magistrate's court on Wednesday morning on march 27,2014.

He was charged for the involvement in the immigration scandal. He allegedly, to work on passport for South Korean Kim Wong Hong in The immigration Department.  Notwithstanding, what showed was overwhelmed on the evidence being found and many investigation, at the end criminal charges were not brought on fault against Penner. Since September of last year the citizen and the opposition had opposing the one that is on power.

As the  private persecution undertook Penner, President Geovanni Brackett and Executive Member Nedal McLaren under COLA took him in charge as Penner was accused of Knowledge a fitness Voucher and made a report which  he knew about the fault in quality particular in respect of nationality certificates and passport given to Wong Hong Kim which he was never in Belize. Attorney Ellis Arnold and Defendant Aretha Ford were in court on Wednesday were Penner pleaded not guilty.

After six month of being free, Elvin Penner had his day in court. Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryl Lynn- Vidal had mentioned that it is pure government protection at all levels. A large weight of her office to COLA's efforts.

The  members of the House Representative are shocked to observe that this is the first time that a representor was taken to a Lawsuit and the first member of a House was charged. UDP   representative Hon Dean Barrow states that the Legal Guilt evidence of Mr. Penner Cayo Northeast  is not their.  People wondered that COLA wouldn't gone anywhere with this matter. It was a very risky one when it was applied for the charges.

COLA's attorney worked along with Commissioner police Allen Whylie gathered information and evidence on the  next court date. The investigation of Penner has a Legal Obligation to court or he is ordered in direct court.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

A plane crash in Spanish lookout, Belize

On March 26th, 2014 a report by police came out investigating a plane crash near the Spanish Lookout in the north-western part the of Orange Walk District, Belize.  According to police, On Tuesday the plane was used to transport drugs. A Cessna six- seater air airplane had crashed, investigation is still on going by police finding any evidence of any transportation of illegal drugs.

As investigation went on along with the authorities it is believe that the plane was set on fire. Not to far from the Belize-Guatemala border the remains of the plane was found in pieces in Feeder Road near Aguacate Lagoon, in Spanish lookout. As no one was found in the area an investigation had began by authorities. The civil Aviation  are assisting in the matter and clueless to say where the plane had originally came from.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Earth Hour Corozal, Belize Event

Come out this Saturday to Corozal Town's Central Park at 7pm and be a part of the environmental movement. Join the Friends of Corozal United for Sustainability (FOCUS) as we recognize Earth Hour! bring your family and friends for this event.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A young woman was sexually assaulted Belize

At around 5:45am this morning a dark texture male slim body, wearing a black t-shirt and black shorts rode behind a young woman on a black bicycle with silver handle bars. The woman ran into Barrack road in Belize City as she always do and others do in the mornings.

Around Celebrity Restaurant on Marine Parade, the black male texture then jumped off and took out a knife held it on too the young woman's throat from behind and affectionate her inappropriately in different areas while telling her not to move or fight him or else he will cut her throat.

Suddenly, he asked her to open her les and she think fast and kicked him in the groin area while he standing behind her. She quickly made her escape from her attacker. We inform all Ladies to aware of their surroundings and do not take any objects valuable from strangers when you go to exercise in public, also go in couples or in group and not alone. If notice anything mischievous please call the nearest police Department.

Lionfish in Belize and protecting the water

Every year throughout Belize in the second week in March is celebrated Reef Week. Children and schools are educated about protecting the waters and how to keep them clean. Oceana which is the largest Organization in Belize and international group is a working group to protect the waters of Belize. Today, the organization is fully on its work to protect the famous Barrier Reef and also from destruction of others, overfishing, pollution and oil spilling.

 The Barrier Reef is one of the home and comfort for the different species viewed under water. Some that could be seen is the Parrot Fish, Sting Rays, gamefish - mackerel, kingfish, wahoo, tuna, sailfish and marlin and much more. This fish has a unique look from the outside, But they have stinging venomous spikes, gluttonous pests which are very threatening to humans and the Caribbean sea. Lion-fish will eat whatever they to survive.

For the fishermen they are unfamiliar to this fish and are afraid to catch it or eat it and fear the painful sting. Blue Ventures, are in fight to this fish, which spreads quickly when they are breeding. Lion-fish is a poising fish which is threating the second Barrier Reef in Belize.  For the first in Belize, when the fish was first confirmed to been seen in December 0f 2008, people were surprised to see this kind of fish.  Since 2009 the Organization "Oceana" had been protecting our waters in Belize. One of the problem we had every had is the Lion-fish since its arrival in the Belize waters.

But, the fishermen were told as they see one on the water to just kill it. The only way to keep the number down, is for the fishermen to  catch the fish without being stung and remove the meat and prove the restaurants owners to serve them. A market for Lion-Fish  are intenting to be created to sell this fish to save the Reef by Jennifer Chapman of Blue Ventures.

In San Pedro which is mostly seen swimming along the waters, the ECOMAR worked together with the Belize Fisheries Department in 2008, to raise funds to decrease the number of Lionfish in Belize. A monthly meeting are made for tournaments and workshops to limit the amount of the fish and catching tour guides and fishermen how to kill and use this fish.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Silverbacks game first goal by Deon McCauley 3-0

On April 13, 2014 the Eric Wynalda and the Silverbacks will go on board on a long journey trip in search to achieve in continuing the increase and develop ahead on the club's NASL season premier opening competing against the New York Cosmos.  Notwithstanding, a little of a rough beginning, the Silverbacks succeeded that, scoring a three goals and passing though a clean sheet against a fortitude UAB side.

This past Friday March 21st, 2014 over 2,057 fans where present at the West Campus Field in  University of Alabama Birmingham Atlanta Silverback. The team played on Friday won 3-0. As first goal being scored by Deon McCauley the crowd was excited. Ahead Deon McCaulay had the end of a cross from midfielder Borfor Carr to lead the Silverbacks in front after the usual time in the first Half. The goal score came after a couple of good chance to the other end, as UAB struck the woodwork twice earlier in the opening half.

In the continuation game, the Silverbacks visitation began to control progress. With below 20 minutes on the game, Midfileder Lucas Paulini found an area in the middle of the field and made a 30 yards shot under the crossbar and through the net for a score of 2-0 lead. Up a couple of scoring points and viewing for more, the Silverbacks picked up a third, with an persons act of defender Edgar Espinoza manage a low heads up effort past the UAB goalkeeper within five minutes to play.

A line of 3-0 gave the Silverbacks something to construct on the preseason, yet on the night of the play it was really into the feeling of playing soccer in Birmingham. The preparation of the game was organized by a number of people was to bring high standards soccer to the city Birmingham.

As the fans of 2,057 surpass the organization's belief and made something a gameday environment that gives hope to the city when it comes to bringing in high standards soccer giving rights in the future.

On Sunday the Silverback continued as preseason, which played against the University of Auburn-Montgomery at TARA Stadium in Jonesboro. Two goals where scored over the weekend by Espinoza,  together in the midfielders Bobby Reiss and Junior Burgos as goalscorers in scored another 3-0 win. After the game 1-1 draw game by Silverbacks Reserves went to a confusion Clayton State University. The next pregame is this coming Saturday at home against Young Harris college at 4pm.

Three fisheries countries had been blocked by European, including Belize

Fishing around the world has its limitation.  It is a benefit for the country to sell fish in destination for importing and exporting fish throughout the world. But,  the bad news todayEuropean Union had banned three countries Cambodia, Guinea and Belize after failing to despite on illegal fishing. Brussels are used to catch fish while out on sea. Environmental groups had called the EU to report the matter.

European Union had banned  this three countries’ in reports of illegal in rising and adjusting fishing uncontrolled (IUU) to produce 11 to 26 million tones of catches of fish annually in a price of 7 – 17 Billion euros an estimate of 23.4 billion dollars. The EU will no longer import fishing from this three countries caught by boat or ships due to its punishment in the on all 28th nation.  
The European is blaming the three countries of fault “ to present the real engagement to tackle the problem of illegal fishing" and breaking the international law, notwithstanding a warning by bloc back in November 2012.

The EU had been working many years to decrease the amount of illegal fishing especially other species under water like shark and bluefin tuna. The EU is asking the government to improve security surveillance and enforcing from illegal fishing.

“IUU works globally on crimes activity in fisheries which is threatening not to only EU fishermen and markets, but in developing countries and local communities.” Government of bloc said.

”I would like that this blacklisting act as a change for Belize, Cambodia, and Guinea to step in their efforts. I want the citizens of European to that the fish they are consuming comes sustainable from wherever it comes from.” EU Fisheries Commissioner Maria Damanaki added.

Flying Vessels catch flag will no longer be accepted for a Belizean, Cambodian to be imported within the European.  Fishing with vessels will also be prohibited by the bloc within the waters. Fisheries Agreements within the three nations are discard.

Few environmental groups had called to the EU to block three countries to catch any fish from non-EU vessels fishing and are prohibited in the three countries water by bloc.

Those that were warning in the past by the EU over illegal fishing Curacao, Fiji, Ghana, South Korea, Panama, Sri Lanka, Togo and Vanuatu have not taken further action.
"Closing the world‘s most valuable seafood market to countries that do not cooperate in fighting illegal fishing is a crucial step," Steve Trent of the Environmental Justice Foundation said.


Saturday, 22 March 2014

Corozal House of Culture Monetary tour

Friday March 28, 2014, come join the cultural exhibit as Dr. Jorge Sajia is pleased to present a one day international paper money exhibit from 10a.m. to 8.p.m. This Cultural experience will take you to tour round the world with over 50 monetary notes on display. Come out with the family and learn about the different monetary you may not seen before. Its going to be fun a memorable.

Friday, 21 March 2014

24 hour service Ambulance in San Pedro

Our beautiful Island is growing everyday and the facilities of the clinic services is lacking on a 24 hour medical treatment. More than 10 years that the community of San Pedro had been asking for the need of service for a 24 hour service Clinic and Ambulance service. The importance of a need of this 24 hour is to make the island a better community.

A plan by Dr. Daniel Gonzalez came up with a plan to give the 24 hour Ambulance service in San Pedro. Along with Dr. Daniel, Rick Eager had teamed up together and will be working together for this to happen at the end of this year. This will include the needs to help the community since their are no services at night.

More than 35 years of experience Dr. Daniel Gonzalez will provide a higher level to San Pedro whether  primary core treatment that will develop a spear plan for 2-3 rooms in a two stories building in the future expansions for Ambergris Hopes Clinic. He is also OB/GYN (obstetrics and gynecology). It is provide more service to the island and more doctors to better the medical diagnose center in the island and expanding the need of Baby stabilization.

The plan for the future expansion will include diving emergency, Air lifting, radiology, X-ray, Ultra Sounds and 24 hour Ambulance in need. This trained  personnel will have paramedics readily in hand for the community. When it comes to Emergencies in San Pedro, Tourists statics are  afraid because their no 24 hour medical service and money are being lost.

The people will also be asked for insurance local and tourist for a record. In the upcoming month the plan should begin for the services to be available for the island in the next six months. Government  of Belize is wanting to locate a land for a new 24 hour medical center. But, services can be upgraded in the Polyclinic vicinity. At the mean time a Polaris will be used to the condition of the roads in San Pedro.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Seymour Johnson Does NCO excercise in Belize

A non sub- officer from Seymour Johnson had been supportive to the U.S. and had redistribute to Belize. Sargent Marcedes Fleming AFB, N.C. from Philadelphia, makes payment to Belizean vendors to make availability for goods and services in providing the exercise.
In the recent redistribution to Iraq, Fleming is glad to make it the effort to provide all of her training to the good use.
The New Horizon exercise will make things improve the U.S. Military staff will have by
Valuable training that won't be able to receive at home station because of assign and logistics it takes to perform an out of country deployment.
Whenever the assets move, you  must move with the other assets personnel department. The things that I had showcased, I really learnt for the first time that I've been the only one an Official Finance.
The material in the U.S. the right equipment in the process of prepping and packing the Transportation Command needs to have those items shipment from Unite States in the exercise location, leading itself and then to re-allocate home.
The other Benefits U.S. to control services members to receive from New Horizon exercise in the opportunity to learn from partnership with the exercise partakers from hosts Nation's Government and Military forces.
This is all about redistributing building relationships, Felming said. Everybody depending on one another are leading form bonds with the community. It's really about the community.

Lazy Crock BBQ

While asleep the devil visited Mr. Tropicante in a dream and whispered the SECRET recipe for the world's hottest pepper sauce. Now, Mr. Tropicante is offering To beat the deal with the devil, to any one mortal. Should any human be able to consume 6 Chicken Wings, in 6 Minutes, on the 6th night of the week they will win $1,000.00 BZD. Contest rules apply. Details at Lazy Croc BBQ. March 22nd, 2014 from 6pm to 12am.

Sponsored by Traveller's Liquor ($3.00 Rum drinks)Beginning Saturday March 22, 2014 and every Saturday there after.

Their will also be live streaming by Reef Radio. So come on out an enjoy this event.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

U.S. Teacher Arreseted in Belize

On March 14, 2014 a middle school Dade city, Tampa area  48 year old David Wendel Thompson is behind bars in Southern Florida. According to the US immigration federal custody Thompson used Facebook to attract and hook up two Teen girls in Belize to have sex with him. The investigation in Homeland Security Department,  Thompson  was detained on Friday March 14. He was living in Seffner Florida. While flying to Tampa to Belize City, Thompson report said that he was going to meet the two teens in Belize when they refused him no entry. When returning to Miami he was detained by Homeland Security Department.

On the agreement with 15 year old and 13 year old while making the complaint Thompson Tried to engage sexual intercourse and had sexual conversation back in February 2014. He was given 10 years sentence and life of imprisonment. Nestor Iglesias refused to give any comments.

"Since 2003 the opening of the world-wide HIS's control Predator the protection of children from any predator there has been over 10,00 arrests." said ICE. The crime against children, individuals included  online child pornography; travelling overseas, including the Caribbean, for sex with minors; and sex trafficking of children has been rising.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Second Annnual Music Summer Camp 2014

Join the Summer fun the July 28th - August 15th for the Second Annual Summer Camp. Their will be  Steel Pan, Afrocuban and Garifuna percussion, drumset, acoustic guitar, keyboards... at the San Pedro High School. Teacher: Maestro Carlos Perrote. Daily classes for beginners and advanced. Fee: 250.- BZD for guitar or keyboards-bring your own instrument. Percussion 180.- BZD, all instruments will be provided.
8:30 a.m....-10 percussion, beginners, all ages, 10:30 a.m.-12 percussion advanced Teenagers/adults, 1-2:30 p.m. percussion advanced kids, 2:45-3:45 acoustic guitar, 3:50-4:50 keyboards.
Please send an e-mail to or call Tel. 226 3755 to register.

For last Year's view click the link here:

Sunday, 16 March 2014

BTB in search for its fourth director

In the last five years below the UDP in General, the BTB  had to change four chairman. Likewise, they had switched through the third CEO and its fourth Director. Michael Singh who was denied a renewal contract was one of the least person like and replaced with the laziness of  Lindsay Garbutt.
Minister of Tourism Manuel Herredia has not explained correctly on how his fleet tourism institution is once more Tumult. The (BTB) Belize Tourism Board is finding for their fourth tourism responsible  person after six years under Manuel Heredia's guidance through his leadership.

The Minister's appearance were agitation but, as usual, the strength in speaking with the sense when he was interviewed about the interior argument at BTB in which the average in the Director Laura Esquivel Frampton pressed out of her post. Herredia was redeemed by seven senior managers forced employees  who felt that his political agreement of Esquivel Frampton as head of BTB was horrible chosen.

"In a critical letter calling for the head of the BTB Director, the highest rank managers forced Herredia to face whatever political consequence came his way by discarding Esquivel Frampton, who is the daughter of former Prime Minister Manuel Esquivel. A worse choice was not to welcome a scenario", the managers told Herredia.

The letter was secretly showed to the media when Minister Manuel Heredia Jr. was asked on Wednesday  when the decision that was best chosen was denied at any knowledge that the letter was in existence or he knew at any problem with Esquivel Frampton.

Yet, Heredia discharged himself and uncover himself as either a liar or unaware Minister. 99% he does not know what is going on the news source. He did not saw any of the letter being sent to him and was not alerted that it was their in existence. He said " It could be a playfully cause by the letter.

But Herredia shot himself in the foot and exposed himself as either a liar or a clueless Minister.
Herredia claimed that he had not seen the letter that was sent to him and that he does not watch the evening news 99% of the time, so he wasn’t aware that it even existed. He said the letter could be the making of “mischief”. Yet the Minister boasted that he is “always on top” of everything going on in his Ministries and that he addresses issues as soon as possible with the least possible consequence”.
Herredia also appeared nonchalant about the uprising against his appointed Tourism Director because as far as he knows Esquivel-Frampton had impeccable integrity.
But the letter itself points out that the serious problems with Esquivel-Frampton have been simmering for some time. The Directors indicate that their issues with Esquivel-Frampton have existed from as far back as July last year and that it does involve her management of BTB finances.
So how could Herredia who is “always on top” of things not have become aware of the festering internal battles at the vital Tourism organization?
Even more alarming is that the BTB is now in need of its 5th Director in just six short years. The UDP curse on BTB continues. Executive officials only last a year or so there. On September 23rd, 2011, BTB Director Seleni Matus abandoned her BTB post and hurriedly left to the United States, following exposure of lavish spending by former Tourism CEO Lindsay Garbutt. Before Matus, other high officials were either booted or simply left including once Deputy Chairman Santiago Castillo and Stanley Longsworth who were both fired in such a dramatic manner that Santi described it as “like a thief in the night”.

Friday, 14 March 2014


A report of drown came early morning on March 13, 2014 in Corozal Town around 2:10am an employee working in the ferry of the Pueblo Nuevo New River, while, 51 year old Artemio and his assistant Rolando Alcoser were crossing mid-way with a  BEL vehicle were heading towards Progresso to Corozal showed up to make the crossing on the ferry. 51 year old Artemio went on the side to urine when he fell of the Ferry.  According to the report Artemio slipped off the ferry after some period of rain came through. According to the police the report said that Artemio was not a very well swimmer. 

 He feel into the water and did not swim up. His body was later identified at around 7:25am on Thursday morning as the result of the rescue was unsuccessful.  The incident will not be report full because at the time it was raining.  May he rest in Peace.


Footprint for Jeffery, Justice for Peace

It has been a week since Jeffery Eiley was gun down multiple times in San Pedro on March 6, 2014. The incident happen when Jeffery Eiley and Rafael Juarez were in a altercation in Central Park. Later on, Jeffery Eiley ran into an ally to Tropic Air into Tarpon Street and Barrier  for help when an unknown person gun him down in Barrier Reef Drive. He was then transported to the Polyclinic were he was treated and pronounced dead at 3am while transported to K.H.M.H. A report By police came out mentioning that Rafael Juarez may had escape via Honduras were his family are living their. But, police may have faith that he is in the country making his run.

On Thursday march 13, 2014 the public of San Pedro, expats, schools were all invited to join the Footprint for peace, Justice for Jeffery Candle Walk. A large amount of people came out, wether rain or no rain  the community still came out to support the event. The event took place at Central Park at 5:30 but due to rain it commenced at 6pm.  The event started of by a prayer, National anthem, Speech (Kenrick Brachett , Invited guests, Ms Susana Eiley, Mr Francis Eiley) made their speech to let  the community know about stopping Crime Violence, Tracking down the bad guys, and stopping drugs and alcohol abuse. It also had to deal with to teach the younger generation a betterness in life. Keeping the younger one's safe and out of trouble.

 The community are asking to have a Trauma Center 24 hours to better the service of San Pedro. After the walk, Ms Susana made her last words thanking the community that helped her. She wants to see the community to be a better town and safer town. Mr Francis Eiley said his couple of poem and said all he can do is be happy and, be strong and move forward.  Here are some photos of Last nights Candle Walk:

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A 310 pounds Grouper caught in Punta Gorda, Belize

On Friday night March 7, 2014 two fishermen from Punta Gorda Ricky Castro a well  known person as Noche and Michael Casimiro were fishing on the coastline of Toledo. Within two hours of fishing in the area , they realized that their fishing hook tightened and the two men struggled for their line bringing in the boat.

 They were pleased to see what they had catched and realized that its a massive grouper.  The two were glad of their catch and a most satisfying fishing experience in the Toledo District. The two men cautiously reeled it unto the boat, what they described as a most rewarding livelihood they had ever catch. One the fisherman Michael Casimiro said it was one of the best catch he had ever reeled in.

Measuring the grouper with the help of group of people of BEL, TIDE and Southern Fishermen a size of the massive grouper was measured a total of 6 feet 5 inches. The weight was topping scale at 310 pounds.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Territory claim between Guatemala and Belize

Old Map
 Did you know Guatemala came to Arbitrate Territory?

  If you had a border dispute with Honduras from 1843 to 1933, many incidents, Honduras intended to near the Rio Dulce, conflict was defined legal arguments through an arbitration tribunal's award Hughes is an arbitral award of a special court limits in 1933 settled the border issue between Guatemala and Honduras. obviously the case as Guatemala Gano, this is the story to see that there are records that show that if you can win this type of case, see the old map of Honduras.

Spain recognized Independence of Guatemala until 1859 1863 treaty which is invalid. When celebrated treaty of Cession Territorial in 1859 between Guatemala and England where it was established that in exchange for territory a road from Guatemala City to Port Belize city , the Government of Spain had not yet acknowledged that Guatemala was an independent State, was built He recognized various administrative reasons until May 29, 1863 . By that act His Catholic Majesty recognized as free, sovereign and independent nation of the Republic of Guatemala , and resigned in all forms and for all , for himself and his successors , the sovereignty , rights and actions that corresponded about Guatemala. It confirmed the independence proclaimed on 15 September 1821 and signed on July 1, 1823 .

And this has to do with our Territory of Belize?

under international law to which they had agreed to abide colonialist or imperialist nations , including England and Spain , a nation could not be treated as a sovereign and independent state to a colony of another nation , except this other nation officially recognized that the colony had already become a sovereign and independent state. In particular, if Guatemala was still a Spanish colony, and the Government of England or the Government of Guatemala had the power to enter into any treaty limits , and limits any agreement concluded before 1863 had necessarily had no legal validity.

I mean that Boundary treaty signed with Britain in 1859 the territory of Belize input we can argue legal disability . Guatemala clear this treaty declared obsolete by Default , but imagine that the Belize Constitution based its territorial limits in the treaty which specifically mentioned , so we insist Legal arguments exist and sufficient.

Easter bash in San Pedro

If you're looking for a place and you're not sure where to go for Easter this year? Join the fun and entertainment Easter bash in San Pedro at Luna Loca from 10am on April 19th to 10pm on April 20th. This bash is presented to by  Belikin Beer, DigiCell, Luna Loca and DJ Dzl.

This two days event includes activities for everyone. (No Limited pace) It will be a fun two days event as music will be provided starting at 10am for all the party seekers in the island for twelve hours straight. Bring the family as we will keep it clean til the sun goes down then it's anyone's guess what happens!!!

 Activities include (but not limited to):...
- Volleyball tournament (Junior and Senior)
- Volleyball Skills Contest
- Swimsuit Contest | - Belikin Beer Gauntlet
- Giant Jenga | - Ring Swing
- Easter Egg hunt for kids on Sunday Morning!
- DigiCell 4G Contests!

 Music By:
- Dj Khris (Khris Alexander Rosado) of Thirsty Thursdays Restaurant & Bar
- Thomas C. Flowers (Fada Church) and Lotp Djbigz of Alliance Crew
- Adan DjCallie AktionOne and Dito Dj-kingflex Herrera of AktionOne Sounds
- Other surprise DJs!!!

 Other sponsors include Cellular World and more to come!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

carnaval in San Pedro second and third day

The Three days event of Carnaval took place in San Pedro and the community came out to enjoy this year's event. From local, tourist, and nation (Belize) all joined the fun of carnaval in the island. Highlighting the event it keeps getting better. From seeing the three different costumes in the three days event, to the dances of comparsas made one and all a laughter of enjoyment. Residence came out to enjoy the comparsas whether being  painted or not to enjoyed the tradition.

The Second day the four groups of Comparsas made an impressive showcasing their groups. The San Pedro AIDS Commission, Dona Flora's Group, Barbies  and Ambergris Caye Elementary School made an excellent job performing around the community this three days.

The uniform in the second day  impressed all to show their AIDS Commission- Soccer uniform, Dona Flora- Belizean Creole culture, The Barbie Group- to El Chapo Guzman, Ambergris Caye elementary Group - Mestizo Dance a pole dance.

On the Third day Dona Flora's Group - Matilda and her Mestizos companion dressed boys white long pants and long sleeve with their hat- Girls with their head piece white blouse and long dress, AIDS Commission Group - their impressed colorful hair to a white shirt and colorful skirt each had a bucket of sparkly confetti and disco lights, Barbies - each with their colorful wig and their matching dress to and blown balloons behind their dress, Ambergris Caye Elementary School - came out boys white shirt and long black pants and girls with their red dress.

It was fun and exciting to see this event taking place.  From children to Adults came out to enjoy this Carnaval and Comparsas out and about it ended with an excellent tradition. So, lets keep enjoying the tradition and with less problems for next year's event. Here are some photos for the fist day  Second and third day are below.

Second Day:   

Third Day Picture's:

painting is going on

What a colorful mess