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Territory claim between Guatemala and Belize

Old Map
 Did you know Guatemala came to Arbitrate Territory?

  If you had a border dispute with Honduras from 1843 to 1933, many incidents, Honduras intended to near the Rio Dulce, conflict was defined legal arguments through an arbitration tribunal's award Hughes is an arbitral award of a special court limits in 1933 settled the border issue between Guatemala and Honduras. obviously the case as Guatemala Gano, this is the story to see that there are records that show that if you can win this type of case, see the old map of Honduras.

Spain recognized Independence of Guatemala until 1859 1863 treaty which is invalid. When celebrated treaty of Cession Territorial in 1859 between Guatemala and England where it was established that in exchange for territory a road from Guatemala City to Port Belize city , the Government of Spain had not yet acknowledged that Guatemala was an independent State, was built He recognized various administrative reasons until May 29, 1863 . By that act His Catholic Majesty recognized as free, sovereign and independent nation of the Republic of Guatemala , and resigned in all forms and for all , for himself and his successors , the sovereignty , rights and actions that corresponded about Guatemala. It confirmed the independence proclaimed on 15 September 1821 and signed on July 1, 1823 .

And this has to do with our Territory of Belize?

under international law to which they had agreed to abide colonialist or imperialist nations , including England and Spain , a nation could not be treated as a sovereign and independent state to a colony of another nation , except this other nation officially recognized that the colony had already become a sovereign and independent state. In particular, if Guatemala was still a Spanish colony, and the Government of England or the Government of Guatemala had the power to enter into any treaty limits , and limits any agreement concluded before 1863 had necessarily had no legal validity.

I mean that Boundary treaty signed with Britain in 1859 the territory of Belize input we can argue legal disability . Guatemala clear this treaty declared obsolete by Default , but imagine that the Belize Constitution based its territorial limits in the treaty which specifically mentioned , so we insist Legal arguments exist and sufficient.

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