Friday, 29 November 2013

Art Show in San Pedro

I visited the first day of the Art Show at Lion's Den. It was a well creative Art Show shown for the public. With Art painting as each Artist showed their painting and each one of them had a meaning of each paintng. Wood Work was made by hand and creative design. It took a lot of time for each individual to put all of this effort to make up the there art work. One of the stone art design was made by young man explaining that his living is to make stone design and you could give him a shape and he does it for you. He says that he enjoys making special shape for his customer's and willing to make what the customer's asks.

Guitar making is made by Wallace and his art work is very unique. showcasing his part showed that he made a CD for children to play music while reading the notes. He is amazing playing his instruments. especially the instruments that plays country music sounds. He builds guitars with different types of wood. Melody Art Gallery was providing face paintinng for the children. At the time she was painting a lovely art work display. Their was kids playing instrument and singing. I tried the sampling of the Caribbean Spice it is excellent. It is made 100% all natrual vegetables and ingredients. flavors are BBQ sauce, vegetable oil, Hot sauce, mechilada mix, and much more.

Wallace Wood Work

Melody Art Gallery

Caribbean Spice

Radio Announcer charged for raping

A radio Broadcaster from Radio Bahia, Corozal town was charge for Raping an 18 year old female. Report at around 10:55am on Tues Nov 26,  came in that on November 20.11.2013 at around 9:30pm, a female walked to radio Bahia, radio station located in the rainbow Town area, Corozal Town to meet with one of the announcer Micheal Martinez. He made a promise that he would give answer to some questions and asking when he will start giving phones away on the radio station. While being there, Michael forced her to a room at the back of the building then pushed her inside and had sexual intercourse with her.

While visiting the medical examination it was confirmed that 18 year was carnally known. Police then arrested and charged 37 year old Micheal Martinez,radio announcer for the crime of rape.

Picture of Michael aka "Che Chester" Martinez.

El Fogon, San Pedro

 El Fogon is one my Resturant place, because it brings you back to the old times how San Pedro use to be. The entrance is attraction as soon as pass by. Their was flowers decoration on the left and Banana trees on the right and the white sandy floor in one area. So, don't rush yourself on the beach this may be your place. El Fogon is just 2 minutes away from Maya Island air north of Tropic air #2 Trigger Fish St. It has a fire hearth specially made for the restuarant in the kitchen area. Using this kind of outside oven I would say it takes a few hours to prep some pots. In one of the menu list eating the Rice and Beans is so delicious. I could actually taste the fresh coconut in the rice and the soft smokey meat, well cooked in the fire heart. The service is always excellent with other menu list everyday you can get chimole, escabeche, rice and beans with stew chicken, fry fish, and much more. This place is very unique for it's design it has. Having the shade under a palapa, you can enjoy the cool breeze and feel the white sand below. The space has extended for you to enjoy inside as well.

El Fogon Has awalays been the most atractive place. So, if you want to visit us today check us today for a flavor of food. We are open at night as well serving food until 9pm.

El Fogon (Fire Hearth)

Sunday, 24 November 2013

First Anniversary of Feliz Bar and Grill

It was a great afternoon at Feliz Bar and Grill for there first Anniversary. After all the rain in the early morning, sunshine stayed all afternoon for an enjoyment in here at Feliz. On Saturday Nov.23 Feliz Bar had a fun First anniversary. It all started as the band played live music the entire afternoon. At the time of the celebration free watermelon shot was given out to the customers. Everyone had a blast and a happy smile in their face. Tasting the Pork Roast was a delicous food I had ever had.  So, if you want to heng some where cool come join Feliz Bar and Grill  for the great service they have to offer. The fun continued as live games on flat screen tv was brought courtesy of Feliz restuarant. Little pup's played along with other pup's and people had good time spending at Feliz restuarant. When it comes to games we offer Bingo time every Wednesday at 6pm. Also, we offer our fastest internet in town and a location just for you to sit back relax and enjoy the time of paradise only here at Feliz. We will waiting for yor visit. Don't forget that we also have a pool-side and great food to order.

Famous Watermelon Shot


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Garifuna Settlement Day celebration in San Pedro

It was a beautiful day to enjoy the Garifuna Settlement day here in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize. The sky was clear, the sea was calm, and the kids were having fun in the water. On November 19, 2013 the Garifuna came out in Central Park to present their ceremony held in San Pedro. It started at 11a.m. in the morning when a group of Garifuna’s, made a re-enactment of how they reached in Belize around the island with a boat. Ending up back in Central park, the show commenced.

It was great to hear the Garifuna National Anthem in their own language, followed by the Garifuna prayer.  A speech was made from each individual Mayor Daniel Guerrero, Retired teacher Angel Nunez, Mintister of Tourism and Culture Manuel Heredia, San Pedro Garifuna Council, each explained their own speech. They felt very happy to see this culture continue and growing each year. The show continued with the live drumming and show-casing their own food. The band were playing on the drums, while some dance along with the music enjoying the Punta rhythm. Locals and Tourists had a great experienced seeing at what Belize has to offer for the local Belizeans and Visitors abroad.

Sponsors were thanked for those who had helped on donating the Garifuna Culture to help bring this fantastic show together.

Since 1802 Garifuna was recognized to be part of the community in Belize. It comes back from the early 19 century when the Garinagu settled mostly on the southern part of Belize. This year it makes 181 years of Garifuna is being recognize in Belize, by the township in Dangriga.

The National flag of the Garifuna is White, yellow, and Black. Ladies clothing style , wear's a long dress sewn in chekered style and along with a head piece covering their entire head. The different types of food of Garifuna are called Boil up, serre, hudut, ereba (cassava bread). As the music the enjoy hearing in their culture would be Punta, Punta Rock, hungu-hungu, combination, wanaragua, abaimahani, matamuerte, laremuna wadaguman, gunjai, sambai, charikanari, eremuna egi, paranda, berusu, punta rock, teremuna ligilisi, arumahani, and Mali-amalihani. Punta is the mst popular when they are having a social event. Language comes from Arawakan language spoken in Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, and Nicaragua by the Garifuna people. Religion is accepted as Catholic and some in other religion.

Here are some photos taken:

Mayor Daniel Guerrero saying his speach.

Mr. Nunez up on stage talking about when the arrivals came in San Pedro.

Ms. Queen Garifuna pageant.


One of the member's beatting one of the ingridients.

Group having a fun time playing the drums.