Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Poppy Appeal Event

On the eleventh day of the eleventh month at the eleventh hour there will be a resounding silence throughout the Commonwealth; it will be for remembering all those fallen heroes of the two world wars and all the conflicts since and we shall remember them.
Jamila Janmohamed, member of The Royal British Legion Belize would love to see the San Pedro Community show its support for the Belizean and Commonwealth veterans and their families by wearing a poppy and contributing to the cause.
The San Pedro Community has always given to this cause very generously in the past; in-fact they have given more than 20 times the amount given by the rest of the country combined. This tells you what a big heart San Pedro has. When you go home, tell them of us and say, For their tomorrow, we gave our today!
The Poppy Appeal Events:
Saturday, November 2, 2013
Organizer: Caribbean Villas
Event: Samosa's By Jamila
Time & Venue: 1:00pm at Catamaran Bar

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Organizer: Jamila Janmohamed
Event: Raffle
Time & Venue: 11:00am at Susana's Place
Saturday, November 9, 2013
Organizer: San Pedro Junior Sailing Club
Event: Car Wash
Time & Venue: 9:30 a.m. Tickets can be purchased from Caribbean Villas
Saturday, November 9, 2013
Organizer: Jamila Janmohamed
Event: Four Course Indian Dinner
Time & Venue: 6:00pm at El Fogon

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Fiambre! The traditional dish of November (Dia De Los Muertos)

 To appreciate Fiambre imagine it is the middle of the eighth century. Until this time, All Saints Day was celebrated on May 13 and experts believed that rituals were deeply rooted in a similar pagan celebration, feat of the Lemures, a day when evil spirits were mollified by Earth-dwellers. Pope Gregory III consecrated a new date (Nov. 1) a Reaffirmed the significant we pressently associate with all Souls Day, A time to be with loved ones no longer with us. All Souls Day has taken root throughoutCentral and South America, with similar rituals performed coutry to country.  On Nov. 1, Dia de los Santos, and Nov.2, Dia de los Muertos, families and friends come together in cemeries and graviesites to rememebr those departed.

 Graves are cleaned and maintained, memorablia and flowers are placed beneath freshly touched-up tombstones, prayers are recited and relatives share memories and anecdotes about loved ones. It is a time for sharing. Fiambre symbolizes both. There are several legends told about the creation of Fiambre. Families tending gravesites would bring food- generally something their loved one enjoyed and share a meal together, reigniting the connection with the departed. And, as Guatemalans are incredibly warm and friendly people, one family shared their dishes with their neighboring family, and that family in turn shared with their neighbors.

 Finally, all this dishes combined into one Fiambre! Another version: All the food brought by families to the cemetry was laid out when a big wind came up, swirling it all together into a unique dish called Fiambre! Yet another version: Since families often spent the day at the cemetry,a special dish was created to keep all of the ingredients from spoiling-Fiambre!

Fiambre is a cold cold salad. It is a typeically made with an average of 50 ingredients that include pork, chicken, shrimp, cured meat, cheese, pickeld vegetables, onions, pacaya flowers (an under the sea looking bud that grows on palm trees native to Guatemala) and a dressing made from mustard and vinegar. While there is no one single recipe for fiambre, there are several popular categories that serve as guidelines for prepartion. Fiambre rojo is made with beets while fiambre blanco is without beets. Fiambre verde is vegeterian friendly, while fiambre desermano keeps all of the ingredients separated allowing you to mix and match based on personal taste.

While many Latin American countries celebrate Dia de Todos los Santros, fiambre is unique to Guatemala. More than a food item, it is symbol of Guatemalan  love and community, a melting pot of traditons and locations and methods and people. It symbloizes kiship recipes, often specific to an indivduals family, are handed down generation to generation. It brings all family members together in the kitchen, each expected to contribute to the preparation days in advance by supplying several ingredients, sliceing and picklong vegetables, grilling, meats, etc. Fiambre, is deeply rooted in the past while constantly adapting with each new generation, like Guatemala itself in may ways.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Saga Humane Society Halloween Dog Contest

Every year in San Pedro one of the biggest event of Saga Humane Society is celebrating Halloween. Competion among dog's was a very fun time to see. The category was prize from the cuttest, scariest, funiest, best couple, best original where chosen by wy winner's. The reason they raise funds every week is that, they want to sterilize over 300 island pets every month and sterilize 75% of pets in 3-5 years. Prizes were given away to those who had bought raffle tickets. The winner of the category Cuttiest: 3rd place was won by Princess dressed as the pumkin, 1st place was a tie Pumpkin Chiuahuaha and Yankee and Third Place Princess the Pumkin. The Most Scariest Chiuahuaha Zoombie. Thanks to BC's that made host for the Saga Humane Society Halloween Dog Costume Contest. Also Mr. Valentino provided live music throught out the event. Lots of Food and drinks, pastries, Cupcakes and much more were sold.

Cup-Cake Dog First place winner of the most Cuttiest.

Sadie the Unicorn.

Princess the Chuahuah Pumkin.

Third place Winner of Most Cuttiest.

Willie the Dolphin and Sadie the Unicorn

Judge's Countlessly Judging the Halloween Dog Contestant.They
were Tamara from the San Pedro Sun and Jan Brown

Creative San PEdro Sun Newspaper Cstume.

Lion' Club Costume.

Contestants Waiting for them to showcase their dog's Costume.
Winner of the Massage

Cool Aid Dog.
First place for the Scariest dog.

Winning tie.

Contestants waiting for them to showcase thei Halloween Dressed dog.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Flood Warning Happening Right now in Belize

DATE: Sunday 27th, October 2013
TIME: 9:00 a.m.
All residents along the Belize River are being alerted early to be prepared for flooding....
Water is approximately 5ft under the Roaring Creek Bridge and is rising rapidly, residents that live nearby are ask to be alert and move to higher grounds.
The Macal wooden bridge, Iguana Creek Bridge and Baking Pot ferry remain closed and impassable, due to flooding. The Macal River level is receding near the Wooden Bridge.
All residents along the Mopan and Macal Rivers are being advised to remain vigilant and be ready to take the necessary action and move to safety. TAKE THIS WARNING SERIOUSLY.
Two feet of water is above the approach to Mullins River and the water is rising. The Coastal Road is closed to traffic.
The Cabbage Hay Creek is rising and is a about a foot from flooding Mile 25 on the Southern Highway.
In San Roman flood waters is starting to affect residents that live along the Creek.
The North Stann Creek River is about 12ft above normal and is beginning to rise in Hope Creek.
Flood Watch is in effect for Mullins River, San Roman and Hope Creek.
The Domingo Creek area was not affected by flood water and the road between Jordana and Blue Creek remains open to traffic via Santa Anna Road and Corazon.
The river by Aguacate is 3 ½ ft above the bridge and is receding slowly, remains closed to traffic.
Temash (Crique Sacro) the river is 13ft below the deck of the bridge.
Santa Ana - Moho at Cotton Tree lodge (near Santa Ana) is 1 ½ ft over the bank and is receding slowly.
Corozon Creek is 2ft below the deck of the bridge.
Blue Creek Bridge now has 2ft of water above the bridge and is rising, closed to traffic.
Flood Watch remains in effect for: Santa Rosa, San Benito Poite, Jordan, Aguacate, Crique Sarco, Bladden, and Corozon.
The public is advised not to cross flooded areas.
Motorists are asked to drive with extreme caution on the highways and by-ways.
People living in villages along rivers and creeks need to take the necessary action to safeguard life and property as a Flood Warning is in effect for communities along rivers and creeks that are flooding in the Cayo, Stann creek and Toledo Districts.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Sister City Relation Meeeting Held at Chetumal

Oct 26th, 2013 – CHETUMAL, MX – Sister City relations signed yesterday between Chetumal, MX and Belize. In a warm ceremony, the Mayor of Othon P. Blanco, Eduardo Espinosa Abuxapqui, officially endorsed sister city relations between Belize ...City and San Pedro Ambergris Caye, with the aim of strengthening exchanges in culture, education, tourism, economy and health.

In attendance at the ceremonies were members of the council of Othon P. Blanco and special invited guests. The Mayor of Chetumal handed the signed framed letters of formal sister city relations to Mayor Daniel Guerrero of San Pedro Belize and Manuel Heredia, Minister of Culture and Tourism of Belize City, who represented Mayor of Belize City, Darrel Bradley in his absence.

"We want to preserve our mutual feelings of peace and friendship we share among our cities and two countries. We have as the new generation of Belizeans and Chetumaleños to keep this relationship and fraternity alive" said Mayor Eduardo Espinosa Abuxapqui.

"The Chetumaleños have the influence of the dances and music of Belize…the parade…the Calabaceado as well as the music of the people from different parts of our villages The brotherhood of our cities and our countries co-exists over a century and this brotherhood continues forever because of the hospitality and affection of the Chetumaleños" added Espinosa Abuxapqui.
Given the attendance of Governor Roberto Borge Angulo and Raul Andrade Angulo, Secretary of Tourism of Quintana Roo, the capital's Mayor said the government is always promoting and coordinating the state.

The event was also attended by other Belize delegates, officials and invited guests including Mrs. Patricia Espinosa Ramirez, the Honorary Consul of Belize in Quintana Roo, Jorge Valencia Gomez, Kevin Bernard, Mayor of Orange Walk, as well as businessmen Mario Rendon Monforte, Abraham Andres Gonzalez, Carlo Angulo Jorge Carrillo and Marzuca Ferreriro.

The event culminated with a warm and friendly dinner titled “The Belize Food Festival” organized by the Fiesta Inn Hotel in Chetumal.
Below is the Dinner that took place at Fiesta Inn Hotel:
Minister of Tourism "Manuel Heredia Jr" Receiving his official sister city endorsement letter from Mayor of Chetumal.
 Mayor from Ambergris Caye "Daniel Guerrero" Receiving his official sister city endorsement letter from Mayor of Chetumal.


Thursday, 24 October 2013

Time saving in Mexico Changing of time

For those visiting across the MX border - Mexico Daylight Saving Time Ends on October 27th
1. In Mexico, clocks go backward one hour on Sunday, October 27th.

2. Mexico and Belize will have again the same local time.
 Belmopan, Belize, 23 October 2013.- The Embassy of Mexico informs that on Sunday, October 27th, Mexico ends Daylight Saving Time, in order to begin Winter Time. This means that Mexico’s local time will be the same as Belize’s local time.
For those traveling within Mexico on the evening of Saturday, October 26th, the Embassy suggests that their time be changed backward one hour before going to sleep.
 If you are in transit through Mexico, please verify your flight and bus local time.

For further information, please call the Mexican Embassy at 223-0193 or 223-0194 or write to
Visit the Mexican Embassy’s website:
 Follow us in Facebook:
Or Twitter:
 Welcome to Mexico!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Tropic Air new Non-Stop Daily flight's

Tropic Air is expanding their service rapidly in the Service industry.Troipc Air is announcing two Nono-Stop Flights from San Ignacio and Roatan. Here are the Non-Stops services Their announcing:

On November 13, we start NONSTOP service to Roatan from Belize City International.

On November 15, we add TWO daily roundtrips to San Ignacio from both Belize City International and San Pedro AND we commence NONSTOP service between Placencia and San Ignacio.

And there is more to come.......soon........

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Events taking place this weekend

Cornerstone Foundation Presents
80's Splash Down!
JJ's Bar And Grill (Formerly Capello's)
$10 Per Person $15 couples December 7th 2013
 Come And Support A Worthy Cause!
All Proceeds Go Towards Cornerstone Foundation Feeding Program.

See You There (:

Banquitas House of Culture is inviting you to take part in the Finados Altar Competiton on November 1st, 2013.

For more information contact us at 322-0517.

San Pedro Town. Saga Humae Society Halloween Bashment. Dress your dog and win prizes.

HOLIDAY HOTEL Halloween Bash 2013 PRIZES $1000.00 Cash courtesy of Holiday Hotel Round trip tickets (San Pedro – Corozal – San Pedro) courtesy of Tropic Air Nights stay for 2 @ Hotel Los Cocos, Chetumal Quintana Roo! Round trip tickets (San Pedro – Belize City – San Pedro) courtesy of San Pedro Belize Express 1 Night stay for 2 @ Princess Hotel & Casino, Belize City! Cave Tubing & Zip Lining for 2 courtesy of Searious Adventure Wine & Cheese tasting for 2 courtesy of Wine De Vine 2 cases Beer courtesy of Belize Brewing Co. Limited. Dinner for two courtesy of Red Ginger located at The Phoenix Dinner for two courtesy of Fuego Bar & Grill, San Ignacio Sunset Cruise courtesy of Seaduced by Belize Round trip tickets (San Pedro – Caye Caulker – San Pedro) courtesy of San Pedro Belize Express Bottles of wine courtesy of LC Distibutors $100.00 Gift Certificate courtesy of Moon Dancer 3 months membership courtesy of Train Station Fitness Club $100.00 Gift Certificate courtesy of Caprice Bar.Grill, Holiday Hotel Gift Packages courtesy of Belize Brewing Co. Ltd. Cellular Phone courtesy of SMART