Friday, 14 March 2014


A report of drown came early morning on March 13, 2014 in Corozal Town around 2:10am an employee working in the ferry of the Pueblo Nuevo New River, while, 51 year old Artemio and his assistant Rolando Alcoser were crossing mid-way with a  BEL vehicle were heading towards Progresso to Corozal showed up to make the crossing on the ferry. 51 year old Artemio went on the side to urine when he fell of the Ferry.  According to the report Artemio slipped off the ferry after some period of rain came through. According to the police the report said that Artemio was not a very well swimmer. 

 He feel into the water and did not swim up. His body was later identified at around 7:25am on Thursday morning as the result of the rescue was unsuccessful.  The incident will not be report full because at the time it was raining.  May he rest in Peace.


Footprint for Jeffery, Justice for Peace

It has been a week since Jeffery Eiley was gun down multiple times in San Pedro on March 6, 2014. The incident happen when Jeffery Eiley and Rafael Juarez were in a altercation in Central Park. Later on, Jeffery Eiley ran into an ally to Tropic Air into Tarpon Street and Barrier  for help when an unknown person gun him down in Barrier Reef Drive. He was then transported to the Polyclinic were he was treated and pronounced dead at 3am while transported to K.H.M.H. A report By police came out mentioning that Rafael Juarez may had escape via Honduras were his family are living their. But, police may have faith that he is in the country making his run.

On Thursday march 13, 2014 the public of San Pedro, expats, schools were all invited to join the Footprint for peace, Justice for Jeffery Candle Walk. A large amount of people came out, wether rain or no rain  the community still came out to support the event. The event took place at Central Park at 5:30 but due to rain it commenced at 6pm.  The event started of by a prayer, National anthem, Speech (Kenrick Brachett , Invited guests, Ms Susana Eiley, Mr Francis Eiley) made their speech to let  the community know about stopping Crime Violence, Tracking down the bad guys, and stopping drugs and alcohol abuse. It also had to deal with to teach the younger generation a betterness in life. Keeping the younger one's safe and out of trouble.

 The community are asking to have a Trauma Center 24 hours to better the service of San Pedro. After the walk, Ms Susana made her last words thanking the community that helped her. She wants to see the community to be a better town and safer town. Mr Francis Eiley said his couple of poem and said all he can do is be happy and, be strong and move forward.  Here are some photos of Last nights Candle Walk: