Monday, 9 June 2014

San Pedro Lobster Fest 2014/schedule during the week

The community of San Pedro are excited for this year's Lobster fest  2014. This year's event will take place with it's annual Lobster Crawl on June 14th at El Divino 6pm. This will be followed by a week of crawl events during the week.  Passports will also be available at SEAduced by Belize and Sunrise Realty. 

As you attend each event you can get a stamp in your "passport." Then on  June 21st in central park is the big event Lobster Fest Block Party.The night of the block party you get a raffle ticket for every stamp in your passport. That night we then raffle off the vacation package prize which includes things like hotel stays, golf cart rentals, tours and lots more.Pirate's Treasure Chef's Table for the June 15th evening Lobster "Crawl" event which will be a three course meal (all lobster) (2apps & 1main course).. Their will be other talented singers and the famous the Pannerifix Steel Band Everything is made in front of you, seats only fifteen people so must be reserved. Anyone interested can call 668 2156 for more details. 

This year we will be doing our Lobster Crawl Again. Our first event is at El Divino on June 14th...
June 15th Caribbean Villas (day event)
Pirates treasure (night event)
June 15th Caribbean Villas (day event)
Pirates treasure (night event)
June 16th Hol Chan (day event)
Crazy Canucks (night event
June 17th Sunrise Realty (day event)
Pineapples at ramons (night event)
June 18th Belize chocolate Company (day event)
Pedro's Sport Bar ( night event)
June 19th Mesa Cafe (day event)
Fidos (night event)
June 20th Wayo's Beach Bar (day even)
Wet Wiilies (night event)
June 21st SEAduced (day event)

Few picture's of last year's event: 

Lobster Ravioli by Cuban Coffee

Citizen On Patrol meeting held in Corozal

The Citizen of patrol is a voluntary work force that will be thought to citizens in Belize to protect their neighboring area against crime. On June 5th a meeting was held in Corozal present at the meeting was retired Superintendent of Police and Acting Commander of Belize’s Community Policing Unit Rudolph Orio, Woman Sergeant Marleni Montejo of Corozal’s Community Policing National Community Policing Unit met with heads of leading Corozal neighborhood watch groups in Corozal to help stop crime in Belize and to revive the Citizen of Patrol in the district of Corozal.

Their target is to involve the entire community to be part of the Citizen of Patrol program and without the help of the community nothing can move forward.  With the observation of the people’s ears and eyes of the Corozal and the Police Department to support in putting an end on crime and other delinquencies in the area. The community should put on their part for this program to work.

Those who participate in this program do not have the power to arrest people but to keep areas safe. You must be at least 18 years of age and willing to patrol their community, to listen, watch and report criminal behavior to the Corozal police. With the training of the Belizean people you must observe on both residential and business to higher the police present to the community and reduce crime. In this training you will only be trained with police procedures, Belizean law and equipment handling.

Your neighboring area benefits by working on COP Citizen On Patrol by those who volunteers and those who work closely together with the Belize Police Department in patrolling and giving security for homeowners and business through higher community involvement citizens on patrol in a clear identified by the programs official shirt and cap, which will serve as visible presence in the community discouraging any illegal behavior.

 In addition to COP growth a remarkable and important relationship between police and the community, providing in prompt police response to potential problems. By working together, COP members and police officers make neighborhoods safer and more enjoyable places to live and work throughout Belize.