Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A missing tourist in search in San Pedro

Photo: Apr 29 - Breaking News - Ambergris Caye - On April 29th at 8:00 around p.m. American citizen Bradley Evans Josker reported his friend missing. He stated that around 12.00 p.m., he and his friend 29-year-old Wrangler Shane Leesman also an American citizen went kayaking and upon reaching close to the reef they noticed the water was getting rough and decided to return.

Upon doing so a wave hit them causing their kayak to overturn. Bradley Josker stated that they tried for about 10 minutes to get back on the kayak but were unsuccessful, another wave then hit them causing them to drift apart and that was the last time he saw his friend. Bradley Josker tried to swim towards shore but was unable to because the current kept pulling him over the reef. Bradley was later rescued by the Belize Coast Guard; they also searched the area for Wrangler; however, it was unsuccessful. Shane Leesman is of Caucasian decent, 5’8″ in height, weights about 170 lbs has a sleeve tattoo on his arm and was last seen wearing only a white swim shorts. Police investigation into the matter continues.

Photo Courtesy: Elbert Greer 
Story: San Pedro Sun NewsWhile two tourist were vacationing in San Pedro and while enjoying their day Kayaking on the day of April 29th, 2014 the day didn't ended right. This morning the group of authorities went out for a search for a missing tourist north of San Pedro while enjoy their kayaking day.

According to the report on April 29, 2014 at around 8pm the police received a police report by an American citizen Bradley Evans Josker realized his friend was missing. 29 year old Wrangler Shane Leesman (American) and along with Bradley Evans Josker stated at around 12pm they decided to go kayaking. On reaching the close reef they realized the rough water was to strong so they made a return and a large wave turned over their kayaks.  Within ten minutes climbing back to their kayaks it didn't went well, while another wave hit them both that is when Bradley Evans Josker had last seen his friend.
Meanwhile, Josker made his way swimming towards the shore, but was unable to find his friend. It was unsuccessful on search because the current was to strong pulling him onto the reef. The Belize Coast Guard later rescued Bradley, while coast guard made a search again on the area for Wrangler, no body was found.

Shane Leesman is of Caucasian decent, 5’8″ in height, weights about 170 lbs has a sleeve tattoo on his arm and was last seen wearing only a white swim shorts. Police investigation into the matter continues.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Norwegian Cruise Line announces $500 Million Share Repurchase Program

Norwegian Cruise Line is announcing its purchase program. The report came out at the end of March 31, 2014 resulting the quarter end of March and the full year of 2014.
  • Revenue Improvement of 26% Driven by New Capacity and Higher Net Yield
  • Strong Growth in Adjusted EPS
  • Norwegian Cruise Line +3.22% (Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd., NCL Corporation Ltd., "Norwegian" or "the Company"),
The announcement of board of Director mention to contract a three year $500million share repurchase. In the result of showing the percentage at the end of March the result shows as follows below: 

First Quarter Highlights
  • Adjusted EPS improvement to $0.23 from $0.06 in 2013
  • Net Yield increase of 3.8% (3.9% on a Constant Currency basis)
  • Revenue increase of 25.9% to $664.0 million
  • Adjusted EBITDA increase of 39.6% to $139.3 million; 200 basis point margin improvement
  • Successful introduction of Norwegian Getaway to the fleet
 First Quarter Calculation: 

 The first quarter of 2014, an increase of the company reported in Adjusted EPS to $0.23 on Adjusted Net Which made result of $49.6 million dollars comparing $0.06 and $12.9 Million which was the same temporarily in 2013, respectively. On a GAAP  base, reduce earnings per share and Net Income at $0.24 and $51.3 million dollars, respectively.  In a temporarily Net Revenue thee increase was 27.8% to $499.3 million dollars, directly by a 23.2% increase in the Capacity Days and a 3.8% and 3.9% 0n Constant Currency Basis, the result upward  to the Passengers tickets on board and other revenues. In the result of the greater result the Revenue increased by a number of $664.0 Million from $527.6 million in 2013.

 According to the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Norwegian Cruise Line Kevin Sheehan Said "Our strong results in the quarter include an almost four-fold increase in earnings on an adjusted basis.With both Breakaway class ships now in our fleet, it is easy to appreciate the impact of their impressive earnings power, which includes commanding double-digit premiums over other Norwegian ships in the same itinerary." 

The result in the expenses in the Adjusted Net Cruise the cost on fuel per Capacity Day increased 3.7% and 3.4% on Constant Currency Basis For the most part it is due inaugural and launch-related costs for Norwegian Getaway together with incremental expenses for planned in Norwegian  Spirit Dry Dock. the cost on  the expense per fuel in metric tons, amount per hedge,  was $643 difference to $673 in 2013. Fuel  decreased in the quarter  6.8% in the fuel processed per Capacity day  which  will contribution an additional 0.7% from floating hotels and dockside charters.

In the Interest Expenses in 2013 the amount of the quarter was $31.2 million to a difference of $127.7  million in 2013. Interest expense include a $90.5 million in charges connected to prepayment of specific credit skills and redemption of specific of the Company's Senior in the process from both Company's initial public  giving and other Transactions. To prevent this charges, the Adjusted Interest expense, amount was $37.2 million in 2013. Year after year the reducing interest expense is to which is due in low interest rates in temorally results from the Company's Capital arrangement in the process of relating out in 2013 which is more than in creating the impact from high debts balance similar to the financial for Norwegian Breakaway and Getaway.

In the recording of the Company's income tax Benefit of  $9.5 million dollars in the difference to an expense $2.2 million in the prior million. The income Tax will result in 2014 primarily similar to the election of alternative, acceptable tax methodology in connective with changeable in the Company's corporation entity structure completed in 2013. A $6.7 million dollars was spent in non-recurring in the result of the election which was excluded in the process from Adjusted Net Income and Adjusted EPS.

Monday, 28 April 2014


 As Tropic Air is expanding,the company announces its brand new planes brought to Belize. Pilots will be trained for this new flight a King Air plane. It is a  pressurised, air-conditioned, high-speed, twin-engine, jet prop aircraft. The pressurised plane is design for High altitude up to a speed of (250mph) flights. 

The two new plane is design to carry up 12 passengers while on board. The arrangement will allow a high level of group seating that passengers were asking. According to the president of Tropic Air John Grief III said "We were pleased to introduce the modern glass cockpit Cessna Caravan to Belize, and now we are pleased to once again raise the bar of air comfort for our passengers with the King Air" 

After a temporary crew and support services familiar, The King Air will only fly on route to Roatan, Merida and daily flights to Cancun. It will appear on other internationals routes, such as San Pedro Sula and Flores, Peten from time to time. 

The company Tropic Air controls 12 aircraft en route to 16 destination in the familiar places in Belize, Honduras, Mexico and Guatemala. With over 270 employees, Tropic Air launched flights to Merida, and Mexico will be in March of this year.

Friday, 25 April 2014

New on BTL Revenue Belize

Belize is one of the smallest country in Central America with only a population of 350,000 people. It is well known for its English Speaking in Central America. Today, It was publish to announce that Market Research Reports Inc had announced the process of adding of Belize Telecoms IP Networks Digital Media and Forecast.

Within its neighboring area  it had a closing attraction with the Caribbean region. While Belize GDP per head is high for Central America. Its service by shortening which remains poor by affecting the region standards. In the two fixed line  teledensity and mobile penetration are very low than other neighboring areas.

In 2003 The Belizean telecom market was officially freedomize. Unfortunately, the holder, Belize Telemedia Limited, continually plays a monopoly in trying to fix- line the services and is the ruler  on
 supporting of mobile and broadband services.

The year 2009 stated Renationalize Belize Telemedia Limited in which a change was made of governing brought to light in question on the Accommodation Agreement between the recent administration and Belize Telemedia Limited.

Although the fundamental for nationalism was not updated on the state for consumers, Belize Telemedia Limited prices continues on the same amount and competiton is still on the edge. The Nationalism is disappointed on foreign investment in a market plague by occurring in affirmation corruption.
For more information see -

Aperitif Night Pinochio Restuarant San Pedro, Belize

Its the fun night Today at 5pm, come join the fun at Pinocchio along with "DJ Mauricio" until midnight. Free snacks will be available. Entrance fee is 15bze includes drinks.  Snacks will be from 6 until 9pm.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Caribbean Spice hot sauce Belize

In the deep Jungles of Belize in the High Mountains were the owner's of "Caribbean Spice" are located in the Pine Ridge a tropical rainforest with lush flora that provides an infinite variety of Caribbean Spice flavors where their local Habaneros are grown in a black soil ground.

Habaneros are grown straight from their back yard, Caribbean Spice Has many flavors to offer which  includes 6 species basil one wild and native to this area which was often used by the Mayans, sage, 10 types of chili peppers, lemon balm, Mayan wild rosemary,

black pepper, allspice trees, 5 varieties of oregano, parsley, cilantro, 4 kinds of dill, spearmint, peppermint, 3 thymes, stevia, lemon grass, wild pizza oregano tree only found in this area, garlic, green onion, chives, culinary flowers, cinnamon tree, annatto, wild culantro (very similar in taste to cilantro), coconut, ginger, cashew, celery.

The Natural fresh fruits and vegetables are all grown locally in the Tropics of  the Belizean Forest. Then it is moved to a process where the Caribbean sun dry's the coconuts, vegetables, peppers & herbs and is hand grated of the grid,  solar facility.

Caribbean Spice home-made sauce is a feeling of various kind surrounding which includes the pleasant flavors of the Maya, Mestizo, Guatemala, Caribe, Garifuna people. The owner "Libby Storey" has experience in international culinary Caribbean Islands, Thailand, Italy, Belize, the US and Canada which all came to form a unique sauce in one.

t has been two years since she's been working on this ingredients: passion fruit honey, ginger honey, coconut vanilla bean honey, habanero Caribbean spiced honey ( cinnamon,allspice & clove) and belizean citrus honey. Any added thoughts, flavors, desires, requests, ideas are appreciated and welcomed. For more information click: lize



Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Canadian Doctor on Training in Belize

450x311 q75 Canadian Forces Doctor In Belize On Training Mission
After 17 years in the Canadian Army, Noemie Johnson for the first time had wear her uniform while being in Belize for training. A first time licensed Family Physician  travelled to Corozal, Belize in training to give those in need by providing medical care to the Belizeans. She is taking her first move in readiness to take advantage on offering the service to Belizeans.

A Canadian from Quebec, Canada, Johnson traveled to Belize to finish engaging in a wide education and a better change in career goals, it led to control in family care in needs. According to her background, she graduated at  Royal Military College of Canada. She studied physics and astrophysics, and she served three years as a signals officer responsible for enabling commanders to have command and control and above their units she maintained on computer network, radio, satellite and phone communications.

Johnson which joined the service at the age of 17 years old, still stays an active duty, or usual forces, for the length of the four year medical she will study for her medical school at University of Sherbrooke in Quebec and having her two years Residency.

”I enjoyed my work a lot, and I could’ve progressed in that career. But it would have meant a lot more of managing and engineering technical projects, and I really like to work with people,” Johnson said. “I had slowly been thinking about medicine to work more closely with people, and I essentially just applied.”

 After many years of providing services, Johnson found herself  finally wanting to provide services to Belizean people along with the U.S. Medical Organization or MEDRETES which worked  into the New Horizons Belize 2014 medical readiness training exercises
which are a two parties partnership during which Belizean and U.S. partakers can benefit from having to work with each other as they share the fact of knowing in their representative specialties on general medicine, dental and veterinarian practices.

The best practices and lessons learned is by sharing between countries' which medical professional opportunity countries efforts which is the first MEDRETE to Johnson. It is a lot different in medicine, which Johnson enjoys the success to come out and practice medicine. In real comparative in having to train in exercises, where you go through practical's. Johnson mentioned.

. I think it’s nice to actually see patients and learn for myself while I’m helping the population.

“Being with the U.S. forces is also an enjoyable experience,” she added.

Practicing was not set in a formal clinic or in the setting of formal hospitals with little resources they had to adapt to the had. But, it is interesting on Humanitarian, in reality that Johnson is learning from this. Its her first time in international operation but is not her first time in extensive training and educational opportunity she had been afforded. A great combination of resource gives a v Her good experience valuable efforts on opportunities.

At-times we still end up extending overseas together anyway, but it is good to experience in this type of environment. in less simple environment can provide while training on opportunity to learn valuable lessons before happening on effectively on hostiles environment.

As Canadian Army, Johnson received her degrees, she attended a flight surgeon course. In her 17 years of her career she had a lot educational opportunities while being in the military. While working in Belize she mentioned that it has been the greatest since she had ever been in the military. she is forced to serve nine more years as having her options for future as it comes. The 17 years in the military had gone fast but, as times comes for the remaining services choice of career, location, family, there will always be a balance on that.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Three wheeled car donated by Dubai

Press Release by the Government of Belize April 14,2014 -The Minister of Health today Hosted an office presentation twenty-six Health support vehicles donated by Government and people of the united Arab Emirates, Dubai. The presentation was done at the Center Compound in Belize City.

The health support vehicles valued at $300,000 Belize Dollars are three wheeled motor-cycled with an attached covered unit equipped with seating and a  stretcher to transport patients. The vehicles will not be used as a replacement for conventional ambulance but will support assistance with our partners at health promotion events, social events, mobile clinics use and home visits.

The vehicles will be distributed to identified priority regional and community hospitals across the country where there are transportation and logistical challenges; and also to areas that have a more dispersed high risk population group.

The Ministry is its pleasure to minister Heredia, the Attorney General Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Wilfred Elrington for the support in this initiative

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Winner of the Band fest 2014 held in Corozal Recalde Stadium

2014 band Fest was moved to Orange Walk town to the beautiful town of Corozal due health problems in the Stadium of Orange Walk. But, nothing stopped the event that took place this past Saturday April 12, 2014 in Corozal. The event started at 9am when each team marched down the streets of Corozal. The streets were filled with the crowd and were entertained by the marching bands. They were anxious to here who would win the 2014 contest. Through the streets of Corozal they headed to the Recalde Stadium were they went to compete with each other and Judging took place.

 This year's Group that participated was Corozal Community College, Uprising from Orange Walk, Belmopan Active Youth, Santa Elena & San Ignacio Dreams, Benque Viejo, Stealer Futuristic, Saint Luke's, Santa Elena & San Ignacio Dream, Holy Redeemer,  Cieba De Honduras, and Chetumal's Marching Band. At 1pm The Event commence as Sir Colvin Young made his speech, Prayer by the Catholic church, National Anthem By CCC and Closing Ceremony by Rene Villanueva. Each group headed to the field one by one as each group had only 15 minutes to present their best drum lining. The crowd was entertained through-out the event as they made their crowd waves.

With Judging went on until the last band that presented their group at 4:30, on the Drum Line competition it was very tight. Competing St. Luke's and Belmopan Active Youth, Santa Elena and St.Luke's, Stealer Futuristic was eliminated. This teams performed a great presentation. Enrique, Brent Brian, Dr. Jeff Briant, were the Judge's of the Band Fest 2014.

With their beautiful uniforms to the best sound beats I would applauded to all participants competing as they worked hard to win. Moving on to the end of the Band Fest Master of Ceremony Made the announcement of the winners.

Here are the winners below First by Award's, Sponsors, the winning teams and Photo's:

Award and Certificate's:
  • Senior Superintendent Joseph Margret
  • Superintendent Andrew Martinez Police Formation
  • Deputy Arnold Martinez Police Formation
  • Deputy Daniel Arzut  Police Formation
  • Deputy Alice Mclafin Police Formation
Northern Regional:

  • Red Cross
  • Belize Defense Force
  • Corozal Traffic Department
  • Pluck- Mayor Kevin  Bernard Corozal Town
  • Pluck-Mayor Gilberto Campus Orange Walk
  • Pluck-Governor General Of Belize
Other Certificate's and Pluck:
  • Oceana
  •  Belize Electricity Benny's
  •  Minister of Youth and Sports representing by Forman Longsworth 
  •  Bowen and Bowen
  • Gail University
  •  Motor Solution Limited
  • Vical
  • NICH Sports Award
  •  Belize Natural energy Sports Award
  • Scotia bank
  • Embassy of Taiwan

 Winner's of Band-Fest:

  • Best Choreograph Belmopan Active Youth Band
  • Most Improved Band - Benque Viejo Marching Band ( They performed 2nd last year)
  • Drum Line Champion $1,000 and a Trophy - St. Luke's (They didn't won last but did they did it this year and on 2006)
  • Text- in most Popular Band 1,000 and a Trophy - Corozal Community College
  • 1st Place Drum Chores $4,000 -  Belmopan Active Youth ( making there way from 2nd place to 1st)
  • 2nd Place Drum Chores $2,000 - Holy Redeemer Marching Band
  • 3rd place Drum Chores Division $2,000 and a Trophy - St. Luke's
Marching Band:

1st Band Marching Band $6,000 and Trophy - Benque Viejo Marching Band
2nd place Marching Band $2,000 and a Trophy - Corozal Community College
3rd Place Marching Band $1,000 - Santa Elena & San Ignacio Dreams

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Fed donated 1.5 million dollars for job creation in Belize

Belize job employment for the Belizean citizen was recorded on 2013 a rate of 15.5 percent of unemployment, according to the Central Intelligence Agency World Factbook. That same year 41 percent of  Central America country were recorded as workers. In the U.S. unemployment rate in March was 6.7 percent, but for 16- to 19-year-old Americans, the rate is 20.9 percent. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Belize will now have the opportunity for job creation. Last week Monday April 7, 2014 an announcement of the State Department mentioned to donate a 1.5 million dollar for job at risk in the neighboring areas.

This donation is not mentioned on what the instructions is given and having the availability information on how the 2014 1.5 million dollars is being funded. In 2013, a $500,000 was donated by under Jurisdiction of the State Department's mission to Belize. This is based as Non-governmental and Non- Profit organization as availability in this organizations and the U.S. Public International Organizations (PIOs) and Educational Institutions.

It is not clear if the 2014 contribution is a new fund repeatedly from last year's announcement.  At the end of the period all given contribution money most be spent. Most award is given between 12-24 months by the U.S Embassy in Belize advancement. Roughly about 5 to 7 ideas were given to programs which cost about $1,500,000 in U.S. Government funds. For U.S. Embassy Belize expectations funds is completely available.

Despite the U.S. of Embassy in Belmopan is not likely to fund any plans below $100,000 or more than $500,000 in the U.S. Government funding (total funding for projects can and should exceed the U.S. Government funding through cost-sharing), Giving ideas by force, the Embassy may make expectations.

The 2013 contribution will have more information about the opportunity:
In Belize the lack of Violence and Crime the idea is to confront the creative and effective way to seek positive cultural and Social conducts on a fundamental peaceful society. There is no limitation on the lack of economic development Skills or tradecraft, the lack of conflict resolution skills, lack of youth opportunity in Belize.

Guatemala national trespasser investigation in Belize

Recently we missioned to you the killing of a Guatemalan national inside the Chiquibul  forest by the Defense Force Personnel Officer had ignited to restore relation by International Community on the existing issues between Belize and Guatemala Border. It happen a week ago when a Guatemala national was crossing Belize side.  The investigation was looked at closely between the soldiers and the trespasser. Officials of Guatemala and Ministry of Foreign met together on a meeting to discuss what had happened.

It is not the first time that Belize has to deal with this kind of matter. It is very serious matter that will affect us both Domestically and National Boundaries. The investigation needs to be opened and investigation needs to go on as fast as possible. The public of Guatemala relation and international citizen are forced to act to make the investigation happen. Shortly after the shooting two witnesses from Guatemala appeared in the post mortem and were alerted of the occupation that were sent by their council to give help. In giving the help they can also get the information on what had happened.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Wilfred Elrington he spoke to the two witnesses "They spent a Three days upon Belize to I got the appearance that they were quite content with what we told them. "


Friday, 11 April 2014

Easter Pot Luck presented to you by Coco Loco's

 Coco Loco's Beach Bar is very pleased to invite you to our 2nd Annual Easter Sunday Holiday Pot Luck! We had a great turnout last year with some delicious food! So please bring a dish - either savory or sweet, and come enjoy the feast with your friends and neighbours (old and new)!
Sunday, April 20 at 4:00pm at Coco Loco's Beach Bar.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Multimillion dollars Norwegian Cruise Line Tourism Project

On our previous article we mentioned that the Norwegian Cruise  Line was given the go ahead to build the multimillion dollars project on Harvest  Caye. An update from Norwegian Cruise Line are defending their achievements an the argument against NCL. The accusation on BTIA is demanding The Norwegian and the Minister Lisel Alamilla National  Environment Appraisal and  Committee acted irrespective when given the green light. Time is running out and Norwegian Cruise Line had the fault by not following the standards. It is Nothing new on head tax, but we keep upright on EIA and maintaining decisions on International reputation. Colin Murphy, the Vice President of Destination says.

Roughly about 12 million dollars was spent on the purchase of the island, equipment's and  plans by Architecture design. The approval was accepted by the EIA and BTIA's concern was sent a year ago by the development on the island which BTIA is against the development. The complaints was filed on their decisions and The Norwegians Cruise Line is making their next step as voting was either not voted or went back in General agreements by NEAC.

BTIA's concern was expressed unsuitably as they expressed their concern on the  Department of Environment. The Norwegian Cruise Line is following the Belizean standards to start the right way. NCL will operate a higher standard operation than those regular Business stakeholders.

They are obligated to protect the waters and is not taken lightly. NCL will need to follow certain Laws as it will operate as international boating and following Laws. As Passengers are always concern they are always explained that the environment is sensitive. For the Harvest Caye project, the DOE is now working on an environmental compliance plan (ECP).

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

2014 Belize Band Fest to be held in Corozal

2014 Belize Band Fest had be planned to be held in Orange Walk. But, due to the stadium people's concern were unfit and unhealthy for any program to happen. The committee tried every step to make every situation happen, but, it had to be moved to Corozal.

At this moment Corozal would like to welcome the groups participate in this year's event. But, many sponsors are not to happy for the event to be moved to Corozal and participants in the Band Fests will be inconvenienced.

The time schedule to start is 8:00am and field show at 1:00pm Saturday April 12, 2014 at the Santiago Ricalde Stadium. A number of nine bands, three marching bands and six drum cores will be participating. So, come out and witness the colorful and live music performing By the Band Fest.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Reality show Naked and Afraid from Discovery Channel travelled to Belize.

Naked and Afraid is a show in Discovery Channel couples that travels in thick jungles throughout the world.  Each week, a new pair of complete and total strangers - one man and one woman - will find themselves stranded in and, quite literally, exposed to some of the world's most extreme weather environments. Each duo will be left high and dry with no food, no water and no clothes. They must survive on their own for a full 21 days, with nothing but one personal item each and the knowledge that the only prize is their pride and sense of accomplishment.  A couple travelled to Belize to experience the Jungles of Belize.

 A well-being Yoga Shannon from Ohio, and an former solider and ex-police Leonard Cassidy from Philadelphia meet together on not Afraid while being naked this week in the ally's of Belize. Shannon's PSR result manage to moderate 6.9 and Cassidy result a 7.2. Their tools that were used by choice are a knife and his is a magnesium start (Showed to be more adequate than pushing starters others had brought) which is the most popular items in Survival Season. Each of their map introduced a three miles to a campground, then they went their way into a labyrinth to their extraction point they made their way into one of the largest prehistoric limestone caves.

Each day passes by it becomes more visible that starvation is one of the concern. Besides scorpion spiders, rabid bats, and reptiles that inhabit the caves they are looking to share. Even though, Cass and Shannon hurriedly found dried shelter, so they don't have to use their energy as a source to build themselves, its plain that pertaining won't be the problem for them on this challenge.

Cass and Shannon, used the staple of a snake of a hungry mans dinner. As in previous episode in this season this is commonly used. It could not have been better time for Cass and Shannon. Looking lighter than before Shannon looks like one of those Ancient Mayan skeleton left behind in the caves after days of torrential rain and storms.  Due to the risk of Hyperthermia, they haven't had the chance to leave the cave for food.

Fortunately, they had the mental bonding that kept them from protecting each other, which keeps them to decide to keep others incite to complete the challenge. At the end of 21days, Shannon lost 20 pounds and her PRS got up to 7.2, Cass lost up to 21 pounds and his PRS rose to 7.4.

Monday, 7 April 2014

15 years medical missionary comes to Belize

On Friday April 4th, 2014 26 members of St Joseph Hospital, Buckhannon Sister Francesca Lowis hosted a blessing where everyone gathered inside the St Joseph Hospital chapel. they left on Saturday to come to Belize which they come each year as missionaries. In the help of the 26 members, for the past 15 years Heart and Ministries of St Joseph Hospital,  Buckhannon  travels to Belize as Medical Mission Trip.

For the past 15th years the mission Group travelled to Belize to help perform the medical tasks such surgeries, clinic operations, dentistry and more. Their is a pre-date official organization start although it has been 15 years to Belize, we made two trips to Guatemala  and has gone up to 17 mission trips in total, with the two trips to Guatemala.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Two Belizeans drowned in the Macal River

On April 4, 2014 at around 4:00pm in the Macal River park near the low lying bridge to Santa Elena two teenaged High school students from Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico (ESTM) were identified drowned. Yesterday the class went to a trip to Cayo District, were they went to see  Che-Chem Ha caves in Cayo.

According to the report, The two teenaged students in San Roman Village, Corozal were the school is located, were identified as 16 year old male Edgar Puck from Patchakan and 15 year old female Anahli Zepeda from San Joaquin, Corozal.

On the way back while travelling in a group on a Morales bus,  the bus stopped to let the students swim in the river. Unexpectedly, that's when the two teenager's drowned on the river. As a class trip this was not planned in their list.

 Several tour guides, police officers and worried residents rescued Puck's body within an hour. It was later transported to the morgue in the San Ignacio Community Hospital. As for Zepeda it was also found an hour later and was later transported to the San Ignacio Community Hospital.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Belize Music

In modern world today, music is listened to more than 1.1 million people around the world. Each individual has their own type of music to get entertained. Music is not only recorded for no reason. Each song has their meaning behind the songs. Music keeps the mind busy and creates different emotional feeling depending of the song. Everyone has their type of music to listen.

But The songs which aren't heard very much is in Belize. What makes Belize popular is one group called "The Garifuna Collective's".  They travel around the world to keep Belize culture alive. With its high culture and music, Belize continues its tradition to  keep Belize well known. Kriol, Mestizo, Garifuna and Maya are a mix ethnic group and music of Belize. Since the 17th century British colonizers arrived in the area after decades of Maya's habitates.

Here's a brief history of Belize music today:

The Garifuna - Garifuna folk music and dance encompass many styles including: punta, hungu-hungu, combination, wanaragua, abaimahani, matamuerte, laremuna wadaguman, gunjai, charikanari, sambai, charikanari, eremuna egi, paranda, berusu, punta rock, teremuna ligilisi, arumahani, and Mali-amalihani. Punta and Punta rock are the most popular forms of dance music in Garifuna culture.

 Punta is performed around holidays and at parties, and other social events. Punta lyrics are usually composed by the women. Chumba and hunguhungu are circular dances in a three beat rhythm, which are often combined with punta. There are other songs typical to each gender, women having eremwu eu and abaimajani, rhythmic a cappella songs, and laremuna wadaguman, men's work songs. One great showcase of Garifuna songs is Andy Palacio.

Drums play an important role in Garifuna music. These drums are typically made of hollowed-out hardwood such as mahogany or mayflower, with the skins coming from the peccary (wild bush pig), deer, or sheep. Also used in combination with the drums are the sisera.

 Mestizo song- Mestizo culture in north and west Belize, and also Guatemala, is characterized by marimba, a xylophone-like instrument descended from an African instrument. Marimba bands use drum sets, double bass and sometimes other instruments.

Kriol song- Is known as Brukdown created by Kriol. Its evolution out of music and dance of loggers, which is form called Buru. Buru was often satirical in nature, and eventually grew more urban, accompanied by a donkey's jawbone, drums and a banjo. The word brukdown may come from broken down calypso, referring to the similarities between brukdown and Trinidadian calypso music; the presence of large numbers of Jamaicans in Belize also led to an influence from mento music.

 The "boom and chime groups" use bass guitar, electric guitar and congas, for example. Popular brukdown groups include The Tigers, The Mahogany Chips, Mimi Female Duet and Brad Pattico. Brukdown remains a rural, rarely recorded genre.

The Maya maintain a strong cultural from their past through rituals, folklore and family. Celebration in Maya culture are Fiestas, dancing and traditional music remain important. Throughout the year several festivals and celebrations occur. Masks, and elaboration costumes are worn by dances, singers, and musicians in special occasions.   All Saint's day occur on the 1st and 2nd of November. Huge feast are  prepared for their cultural ancients.  Meals are made for the late evening are set on the table with candles in the houses of those who have lost their loved ones. If food in the morning is gone the people believe their loved ones came to eat.

Farmer Tomas Ramirez dies in Belize Territory

On Saturday March 29, 2014 A Guatemalan Farmer Tomas Ramirez died while in the near for gold or xate. It came Forth from the staff of the (OAS) organization of America States and along with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he will be traveling through the near Guatemala and Belize.

Meantime, the Army spokes person Guatemala, Ismael Cifuentes, had reported that their were two ground force presences at this time. according to Cifuentes, their may be one or two military units in the area near fijes detachments. Their were two report cases that had been filed one in 2012 and another in 2013.

Where defense group In Belize entered national territory is calculation and a total that even though their are no figure, an approximately 95 percent of the incidents are recorded in the territory of Belize.

at the meantime, spokesperson, for (NIFS) National Institute of Forensic Science Robert Garza, a forensic had traveled to the spot to observe  for presents of an autopsy. At this time their has not been reports that caused the death of the farmer.