Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Farmer Tomas Ramirez dies in Belize Territory

On Saturday March 29, 2014 A Guatemalan Farmer Tomas Ramirez died while in the near for gold or xate. It came Forth from the staff of the (OAS) organization of America States and along with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he will be traveling through the near Guatemala and Belize.

Meantime, the Army spokes person Guatemala, Ismael Cifuentes, had reported that their were two ground force presences at this time. according to Cifuentes, their may be one or two military units in the area near fijes detachments. Their were two report cases that had been filed one in 2012 and another in 2013.

Where defense group In Belize entered national territory is calculation and a total that even though their are no figure, an approximately 95 percent of the incidents are recorded in the territory of Belize.

at the meantime, spokesperson, for (NIFS) National Institute of Forensic Science Robert Garza, a forensic had traveled to the spot to observe  for presents of an autopsy. At this time their has not been reports that caused the death of the farmer.

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