Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Sink hole in Hawaii

After a rainstorm this past weekend in Hawaii, the weather service had recorded that on Dec. 30th rain reached up 5.51inches according to National Weather Services. On Tuesday morning a woman was heading to work when suddenly she felt herself and her truck dropped into a sink hole. The sinkhole swallowed her entire truck. She said that while driving at Velma Deluz of Paauilo on Big island to work, on Poheakea Mauka road gave a shifted way on Monday. She said that while she got she felt a pain on her side.

The woman said " I was turning on the road when suddenly I fell into a hole with my truck. When  notice I fell into a sickhole. I was trying to climb out but I felt a pain." The woman suffered only minor rib injuries.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Bus nock's down a young cyclist

On Tuesday morning at around 6:15am a well known cyclist Geon Hanson was training for the upcoming New year's Day Cycling Classic on the George Price Highway. While riding between mile 36 and 37 the cyclist was found on the side of the road. While observing the accident, they found  that J and J bus had hit Geon Hanson and left him on the side of the road. The result weren't good, he sustained internal injuries, including a damaged spleen and a collapsed lung. He was transferred to Belmopan were he had his first surgery and then transferred to K.H.M.H for his other two surgery.

Police was informed that around 5:35am, between mile 36 and 37 there was an traffic accident in St. Mathews Village. The bus driver tried to avoid him while overtaking when he suddenly saw an incoming car high beam. Geon had three surgeries done on Tuesday. When further inspection was made they found that he had five broken ribs a bruised kidney.  While Geon was on surgery the doctors had to remove his spleen. The driver of the J and J bus company was the detained. Police are still on going with the investigation and made an NIP on the driver. Geon has been riding for 5 years for Krem's Cycling Classic.

Friday, 20 December 2013


Belize Electricity Limited advises its customers in San Pedro Town that the supply of electricity will be temporarily interrupted from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, December 22, 2013.
 Areas to be affected: Coconut Drive and Beach Front. Two 20-minute power interruptions from 8:00am to 8:20am and from 2:40pm to 3:00pm will affect the entire Southern portion of the island.

BEL apologizes for the inconvenience caused but these scheduled power interruptions are necessary for the Company to reconfigure a portion of the distribution system from overhead to underground to facilitate completion of the Sunset Boardwalk Project

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Prime Minister travelled to Panama and Venezuela

On Friday December 13,2013 Prime Minister Dean Barrow travelled to Panama to attend a
Summit Meeting of Heads of State and Government of SICA in Panama. Then after, he travelled to Venezuela to attend a second meeting to meet with the leaders from Latin America which they arrived on Sunday December 15th.
The last recent years Prime Minister has not attended any Petro Caribe.  This meeting of ALBA/PETRO Government takes placed on Tuesday December 17th a one day meeting. Where Member States will introduce their bilateral proposals on trade under the energy agreement spearheaded by Venezuela. With Prime Minister, PETROCARIBE funded an amount of tweenty million dollars for the capitalization of the "National Bank". Leader's should expect to end up signing an eco-ALBA. Meaning a economic zone among with the particapation countries in proposal creation. While Dean Barrow travelled to Venezuela, he only payed 50% of fuel.

 Rafael Ramírez jumped in defense comprising Antigua and Barbuda, Honduras, Bahamas, Jamaica, Belize, Nicaragua, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Guatemala, Saint Lucia, Guyana, Suriname, Haiti and Venezuela. He then rementioned about the adjustement of Gasoline prices and  the fuel which is funded by Caribbean Nations. A meeting before going to Caracas leader's should attend a SICA meeting. On December 18th Dean Barrow will leave the country for a personnal leave with his family between the days of 18-22nd of December.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Famous Chicken Drop in San Pedro (Wahoo's Lounge)

Have no plans on a Thursday night and want some entertainment in San Pedro ? Every Thursday in San Pedro, Wahoo's Lounge helds it's famous Chicken Drop that starts at 6pm. At 7pm when the game start's the announcer calls in the Chicken Security to bring the chicken to the selected person. A person is selected to spin around the chicken blowing it from behind and put it inside the box. Each square is purchased for 1$ and you can win yourself $100 or a $100 bar tab of the number drop.Live music performes at Wahoo's Lounge every Thursday. It was very entertaining with lot's of fun and music. Everyone yelling Chicken drop and looking at how the chicken just poops on a number and the winner of the number matching the ticket's win different price's. The board is a 10x10 and number 1 to 100 scrambled on the board. It is surrounded by a net, to let the chicken pick it's winning number. The crowd really has fun every week and get; very into it the game.  
Last night was very entertaining seeing how fun it was. So, if you're planning to visit San Pedro come join us on the beachside next to Spindrift Hotel.

 I went last night to take some photos here there are:

Here comes the security chicken.

Selected person spinning around the chicken.

 The chicken finding it's favourite number. Here is the part when the chicken just inflated as excitement of the crowd cheered; but didn't pooped until a 2 minutes after the photo was taken.
Now it is the Rooster's turn.

Okay what do I do know?


Monday, 9 December 2013

Love FM Christmas Parade in San Pedro

As the day's goes by christmas feeling is coming closer. On December everyone is preparing for  a family time. As the events in San Pedro take place are events you can't miss. It all started at around 6:00pm on Sunday Dec, 7th when all groups lined up for the Love FM's lighted parade. As not having the boat parade going on this year the Love FM's light parade was something you didn't wanted to miss. San Pedro was transformed into Santa Claus Lane with the sights and sounds of the season. With floats, to colorful balloons, marching bands, and the colorful light's made the community excited. Golf Cart's was decorated and some had light's. Children dressed up from little angel to baby jesus and Dora the explorer, Mickey mouse was present at the parade. The parade ended up in Central Park. Everyone enjoyed watching the parade in San Pedro. So, if you want to watch more Christmas festivities here is another date for you. On December 14th At around 4pm, There will be a big event at Belize City hosted by LOVE FM.

Here are some photo's I took last from the parade:

DJ Debbie Rocking the show

Merry Christmas to everyone in Belize

Saturday, 7 December 2013

La Isla Bonita San Pedo, Belize

From Sunrise to Sunset paradise all seem well, La Isla Bonita is the place to be. A wanderful trip to the coral reef, is a colorful coral stream. The crsytal clear water shines on the horizon to the white beaches is a gifted in paradise. Their are many visiting area San Pedro has to offer such as diving, snorkeling, maya ruins visiting, Bacalar Chico, Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Mexican Tunnel, Mexican Rocks, Hol Chan cut and Shark Ray Alley.

It is the second largest island in Belize and has the longest Barrier Reef in the caribbean. The beach in San Pedro is used for pedestrian or for swimming on shallow areas. It is wide enough for it to be accessed. Restuarants, dive shop, jet skies, golf cart rentals, to the evening sunset sailing, gift shop, is all available in San Pedro, and don't forget our key word: "No shirt, No shoes, No problem."

Before San Pedro got it's name it was first called Hispanic Ambergris.  It is not really an island. At the mayan ancient existence, they dug a channel between mexico and San Pedro a 25 mile (40km) penninsula extending from yucatan to separating mexico from a channel. They used the entire island. The spaniards tried to infiltrate the island and the Mayas snt them out in the 1500's.  The name then after change. It was then named San Pedro from a British Whalers, after seeing Whale sperm in the area floating on the beach.

Living a village life back in the days, the village of San Pedro use to depend on fish, conch, lobseter and still does today. A lifestyle in the island is walking bearfooted on the sand. Doing laundry all women had the job to wash clothes and the men went out catching something on the sea. Travelling to the city in sail boat was an experience of talking how the perviews trip was. It took about 6 hours trip to Belize city back an fort.

In the 1950's when local grocery got their item's, it was carried on the shoulder. Like rice, beans, milk, can foods, ect. Crushed ice is drank with a touch of ayrupwhen hot weather came in. In those time paradise in San Perdro was very quiet on traffic and very relaxing. There was no cars and few golf carts and bicycle in the island. The comunity is very united when it comes to their religious in the island. The tradition they have share are some few fiestas celebrated in Christmas and Easter. Where they do a processions and churches services. 

In 1873 James Hume Blake San Pedro for $625. In those days buying a land was a low sum. He let Mestizos continue living in the island. Blake was recognize asearning a lot of wealth gunrunners Castewars. A lifestyle changed in the island in late the 1920's as coconut was used in the industry. On the 29 of June it is recognize as St. Peter and November 27 as Township day in 1985. Tourist from around the world comes to visit this great island San Pedro.

So, if you want to visit this tropical island it is now a rate one of the most popular visiting islsand in Belize. You can also enjoy great caribbean music in every  restaurants, popular bars, and while walking down the beach.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Santa Clause is coming to San Pedro

HO! HO! HO! Santa wants to have his picture taken with you and your kids! He will be at The Lighted Boat Parade on Saturday, December 7th. That's right....Santa Claus will be here at Central Park and he'll be ready to pose with all of your special four legged family members. Pictures will be $10 each and all proceeds will go directly to the animals at SAGA Humane Society. Have your family’s picture taken with Santa this holiday season! Event: Santa Photo’s @ Lighted Boat Parade

Date: ... Saturday, December 7, 2013 Time: 6:00 pm to 9:00 p.m. Cost: $10 per picture can't attend this year? Make a donation to help homeless pets.
Learn more at Saga Humane Society,Sea Star Street San Pedro Town, BelizePhone: 501-226-3266

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Consejo Road being fixed

After a long peroid of rainy season, most areas in Belize got flooded. Some may had to forcely evacuate the area. The water rised quickly that residences couldn't keep up with water rising and areas being destroyed by flooding. Earlier this week, work began at the Consejo Road after it was flooded for a peroid of time. The water rose up to 3 feet high and villagers had to evacuated the area for higher land. A grader has been working on the road as slowly pogresses back to it's normal view. Minister of Public had sent out the machine badly as th streets were deteriorating because of to much rain and mud in the road. The Minister of Public Works were thanked by the residences in Consejo for the quick work and work on the conditions of the dump site.

Picture courtesy of the Corozal Daily

Monday, 2 December 2013

Lighting of the Christmas Tree in San Pedro

As the Christmas feeling is starting, many want to enjoy the feeling of joyment and welcomeness of christmas and hearing the harmonious music of christmas songs. But, on Sunday December 1st, at 7pm the lighting of the christmas tree took place at Central Park. Mayor Daniel said his speech as giving thanks to the public for showing up for the lighting of the christmas tree. As seeing the lights turn on, it gave all a happy feeling and a charming moment as the lights were very bright and colorful. many stood by taking photos around the christmas tree. And then after, the children was given free goody bags. It was a pleasant to see how the children were happy to get each a goody bag.
Rompe Raja played all afternoon giving the public entertainment until the lighting of christmas tree.

A great feeling to see the christmas tree light up.

Children getting there goody bags.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Art Show in San Pedro

I visited the first day of the Art Show at Lion's Den. It was a well creative Art Show shown for the public. With Art painting as each Artist showed their painting and each one of them had a meaning of each paintng. Wood Work was made by hand and creative design. It took a lot of time for each individual to put all of this effort to make up the there art work. One of the stone art design was made by young man explaining that his living is to make stone design and you could give him a shape and he does it for you. He says that he enjoys making special shape for his customer's and willing to make what the customer's asks.

Guitar making is made by Wallace and his art work is very unique. showcasing his part showed that he made a CD for children to play music while reading the notes. He is amazing playing his instruments. especially the instruments that plays country music sounds. He builds guitars with different types of wood. Melody Art Gallery was providing face paintinng for the children. At the time she was painting a lovely art work display. Their was kids playing instrument and singing. I tried the sampling of the Caribbean Spice it is excellent. It is made 100% all natrual vegetables and ingredients. flavors are BBQ sauce, vegetable oil, Hot sauce, mechilada mix, and much more.

Wallace Wood Work

Melody Art Gallery

Caribbean Spice