Monday, 2 December 2013

Lighting of the Christmas Tree in San Pedro

As the Christmas feeling is starting, many want to enjoy the feeling of joyment and welcomeness of christmas and hearing the harmonious music of christmas songs. But, on Sunday December 1st, at 7pm the lighting of the christmas tree took place at Central Park. Mayor Daniel said his speech as giving thanks to the public for showing up for the lighting of the christmas tree. As seeing the lights turn on, it gave all a happy feeling and a charming moment as the lights were very bright and colorful. many stood by taking photos around the christmas tree. And then after, the children was given free goody bags. It was a pleasant to see how the children were happy to get each a goody bag.
Rompe Raja played all afternoon giving the public entertainment until the lighting of christmas tree.

A great feeling to see the christmas tree light up.

Children getting there goody bags.

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