Friday, 29 November 2013

Art Show in San Pedro

I visited the first day of the Art Show at Lion's Den. It was a well creative Art Show shown for the public. With Art painting as each Artist showed their painting and each one of them had a meaning of each paintng. Wood Work was made by hand and creative design. It took a lot of time for each individual to put all of this effort to make up the there art work. One of the stone art design was made by young man explaining that his living is to make stone design and you could give him a shape and he does it for you. He says that he enjoys making special shape for his customer's and willing to make what the customer's asks.

Guitar making is made by Wallace and his art work is very unique. showcasing his part showed that he made a CD for children to play music while reading the notes. He is amazing playing his instruments. especially the instruments that plays country music sounds. He builds guitars with different types of wood. Melody Art Gallery was providing face paintinng for the children. At the time she was painting a lovely art work display. Their was kids playing instrument and singing. I tried the sampling of the Caribbean Spice it is excellent. It is made 100% all natrual vegetables and ingredients. flavors are BBQ sauce, vegetable oil, Hot sauce, mechilada mix, and much more.

Wallace Wood Work

Melody Art Gallery

Caribbean Spice

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