Friday, 29 November 2013

El Fogon, San Pedro

 El Fogon is one my Resturant place, because it brings you back to the old times how San Pedro use to be. The entrance is attraction as soon as pass by. Their was flowers decoration on the left and Banana trees on the right and the white sandy floor in one area. So, don't rush yourself on the beach this may be your place. El Fogon is just 2 minutes away from Maya Island air north of Tropic air #2 Trigger Fish St. It has a fire hearth specially made for the restuarant in the kitchen area. Using this kind of outside oven I would say it takes a few hours to prep some pots. In one of the menu list eating the Rice and Beans is so delicious. I could actually taste the fresh coconut in the rice and the soft smokey meat, well cooked in the fire heart. The service is always excellent with other menu list everyday you can get chimole, escabeche, rice and beans with stew chicken, fry fish, and much more. This place is very unique for it's design it has. Having the shade under a palapa, you can enjoy the cool breeze and feel the white sand below. The space has extended for you to enjoy inside as well.

El Fogon Has awalays been the most atractive place. So, if you want to visit us today check us today for a flavor of food. We are open at night as well serving food until 9pm.

El Fogon (Fire Hearth)

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