Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Belize lagging is behind in Internet Bandwith

On Friday September 26th BTL held its annual general meeting at the Biltmore Best western in Belize City.  The income that the company received of 136 million dollars was on par with last year, but its profits refers were down by 2 million dollars from 21 million to 19.5. Another report on regional bandwidth has been released and it shows Belize lagging at the very bottom of the bandwidth chain.

An internet publication called ICT Pulse has performed what it calls "an update of actual Internet download speeds in 27 Caribbean countries and a comparison with results in May of 2014.

" Using a recognized broadband testing outfit called OOKLA. They compare and rank consumer upload and download speeds worldwide and represents them as a rolling average in Megabits per second over a 30 day period.

For the Caribbean, they found that the slowest average download speeds were recorded in Cuba, at 1.65 Megs, which ranked 185th worldwide, a little above that was Guyana, with 2.30 megs which was 181st worldwide, and then Belize, at 2.64 megs, 174th out of 192 countries in the world.
The fastest download speed in the region was recorded in Curaçao, at 15.94 Megs, followed by the Bahamas at 14.04 megs. The survey also found that the average download speed in Belize decreased slightly in the past four months.

 A response to one of the BTL's representative said that the company is making incremental improvements and the "doubling of speeds in October, quote, "should shift this position considerably."

The new schedule for the new rates will show that the new minimum speed will now be 256K, which will cost 25 dollars monthly for the use, For those using the 128k will be the same price which is now being phased out. Costumer's that used to pay $56 for 256k will now get 512 k for that price. And so it goes right down the list in doubling speeds for the same price, And their will be adding a new speed for the deep pockets for 16 megs and will cost an average of seven hundred dollars a month.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Dis DA Mi- by Phillis Lewis

Who seh Belizean people culture weak? Now don't believe like Brownman mule ''Fish come from river bottom, tell you alligator got bely ache'' 
Deh seh sound like fool, believe am. 

Miss Gladys sefe and Tata de Huende Mek you laugh when you here who is the real bembe Miss Flonn and Chi Chin with with a tune and a stick Educate you with sense more than cobo and plick Da true every ''Every John Crow think ee picky white.'' 

maybe that's made. Spaniards start to fight with a claim up to today day " Tonio, Price nor Goldson brush away 

When yu want to know a person pedigree Osestion a neighbor who live close by he Rain off boat logowood, Battle a St. George's Caye and a sofid junk a slave a ree

Grampa pataki, Cayo boat, barbeque Granny pataki, chamberpot and John cu nu senses as folk." "gang-bruck" during christmas time mean turkey, ham and bram and Boom ' N Chime 

Witness the Carib paddling his canoe, or see the Ketchi as he burns a new 
For long and hard out ancestors have worked In sea and forest where great perils lurked!
Rise Up, dear dear friend, and grasp your neighbor's hand 
With common heart sudbue this, nature's land 
In years to come a future generation 
Will rise and stand, an independence nation!
And say with pride| " This is our dear land 
Given to us by god's and nature's hand."

Friday, 26 September 2014

Belize struggles in Western Sahara: Belize restate in Support for a Struggle of Saharawi People to Self-Determination

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belize, Wilfred Peter Erlington, reiterated his country's support to the struggle of the Saharawi people to self-determination, indicated a Sahrawi diplomatic sources in Nicaragua.

The Foreign Minister of Belize, speaking on the occasion of the celebration of the XXXIII anniversary of independence of Belize in the presence of the Saharawi Ambassador in Nicaragua, Suleiman Hennan Tayeb, expressed the willingness of his Government to strengthen bilateral relations with the SADR.

For his part, the Saharawi diplomat conveyed the congratulations of President Mohamed Abdelaziz and the Saharawi Government to the Government of Belize, wishing peace and prosperity for the people of Belize.

The Saharawi Ambassador also informed his interlocutor of the latest developments in the Western Sahara issue, particularly on the eve of the convening of the UN General Assembly, as Belize is the current president of the Central American integration System (SICA), which includes eight Latin American countries (Belize, Nicaragua, the Salvador, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic).

He was also received by the Governor of Belize and the representative of Queen Elizabeth II of England, the Honourable Sir Colville Norbert Young and Prime Minister Dean Barrow.

Belize has recognized the SADR since November 18, 1986, it should be recalled.

Thursday, 25 September 2014


IZAC ALEXANDER BELISLE SANTANA is in need of your help. He is suffering from Cancer and Tumor on his belly. A fundraiser BBQ will be held at Central Park in San Pedro. If you would like to donate please contact 625-1933. Please help in this worthy cause. 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

2014 Orange Walk Parade

2014 Orange Walk parade celebration took place in the mid afternoon when each floats organized by each group. groups from Belize and Corozal join the fun for the great celebration for the 21st of September. From scouts, to colorful floats, to drums from different village 18 groups joined the fun. I liked the huge dress costumes tom the cool dances.

I liked this years event because for me it was the longest and best parade I ever seen.  My advise is, you want to join the fun? next year will be even fun. This years event was so fun I can't believe for the time they spent to decorate their floats and lots of practice. Here is the videos and pictures for Sundays event. Now this how we celebrate Belize Independence day.

And the fun for Belize I hope it continues bigger for next year's event. Enjoy the rest of your september.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

10th of September Celebration kicked of in San Pedro

With the awaiting ceremony in Central Park for the coronation, the ceremony commenced at 9am. Students from different schools lined up in various groups to represent their schools.  On August 30th, Michelle Estrella Nuñez was Selected during the Annual Miss San Pedro Pageant. She was crown in Central Park during the ceremony on Wednesday September 10th and the other contestants Ramon’s Village Resort Michelle Nuñez was joined onstage by Doris Soriano sponsored by Diamante, Elma Gonzalez sponsored by Castillo’s Hardware, Daphney Panti sponsored by Fido’s Restaurant and Bar, Illeny Aguilar sponsored by Captain Sharks and Janelli Ack sponsored by Jaguar’s Temple where present at the ceremony and where given certificates and a gift. Each contestants where presented by each Town Council on stage. 

As the weather hold up for the ceremony and the parade, it was less worried to mentioned the that it was no waiting for the rainy, but I enjoyed watching the parade. The good thing though it did not rain too hard. As the parade started by its respective order, it took nearly 10 minutes for the commencement of the school parade. It was fun to watch the children having fun in their respective school and various number of bands playing on the parade the 10th of September Song. I've met a few people (TOURISTS) asking me for a bit of history about Belize while watching the parade.  I explained  to them the history of how the tenth of September become a holiday which is celebrated today. And their willing to come back next year. I hope to see next time my friends!

Well, as it was worth standing on a warm peaceful day I'm looking forward for the 21st of September which we are just getting started with the celebration. Who is ready for the 21st? Are you? Well here are some photo's I took while standing and enjoy my day in San Pedro while watching the parade in the Beautiful La Isla Bonita. Do enjoy the photos.

Coronation at the park  Ramon’s Village Resort Michelle Nuñez

The crowd in tune of the speech

Children watching the stage 

The crowd stood on a side to watch the parade