Saturday, 27 September 2014

Dis DA Mi- by Phillis Lewis

Who seh Belizean people culture weak? Now don't believe like Brownman mule ''Fish come from river bottom, tell you alligator got bely ache'' 
Deh seh sound like fool, believe am. 

Miss Gladys sefe and Tata de Huende Mek you laugh when you here who is the real bembe Miss Flonn and Chi Chin with with a tune and a stick Educate you with sense more than cobo and plick Da true every ''Every John Crow think ee picky white.'' 

maybe that's made. Spaniards start to fight with a claim up to today day " Tonio, Price nor Goldson brush away 

When yu want to know a person pedigree Osestion a neighbor who live close by he Rain off boat logowood, Battle a St. George's Caye and a sofid junk a slave a ree

Grampa pataki, Cayo boat, barbeque Granny pataki, chamberpot and John cu nu senses as folk." "gang-bruck" during christmas time mean turkey, ham and bram and Boom ' N Chime 

Witness the Carib paddling his canoe, or see the Ketchi as he burns a new 
For long and hard out ancestors have worked In sea and forest where great perils lurked!
Rise Up, dear dear friend, and grasp your neighbor's hand 
With common heart sudbue this, nature's land 
In years to come a future generation 
Will rise and stand, an independence nation!
And say with pride| " This is our dear land 
Given to us by god's and nature's hand."

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