Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Consejo Road being fixed

After a long peroid of rainy season, most areas in Belize got flooded. Some may had to forcely evacuate the area. The water rised quickly that residences couldn't keep up with water rising and areas being destroyed by flooding. Earlier this week, work began at the Consejo Road after it was flooded for a peroid of time. The water rose up to 3 feet high and villagers had to evacuated the area for higher land. A grader has been working on the road as slowly pogresses back to it's normal view. Minister of Public had sent out the machine badly as th streets were deteriorating because of to much rain and mud in the road. The Minister of Public Works were thanked by the residences in Consejo for the quick work and work on the conditions of the dump site.

Picture courtesy of the Corozal Daily