Thursday, 30 January 2014

B.D.F 36 Anniversary

Come join the fun this Saturday Feb 1st, 2014  to celebrate the 36th Anniversary of the Belize Defence Force from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m.. Its the BDF Annual Family day its gonna be fun. Fun games for the children will be available for them to enjoy. there will also be sky parachute at 10am and 2pm. Lots of give away for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. BDF will be displaying lots of items like Military display, Mock Bottles, weapons Drill, and other display will be available. Food and Refreshments will be available. Transportation is available entrance of the camp by Ramos bus and BDF bus throughout the day every hour starting at 9a.m. leaving from pound yard bridge its free of cost. Comercial booth is available for any cormercial business for more info call 205-2171. Want to have fun with music entrainment? Tune in A dance, Ft Sweet Pain Outa Griga, other singers will be out singing, DJ's performance throught the night from 9p.m. to 2a.m..

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Super Bowl Activities






Come join Lola's Pub for their celebration this coming  Friday there we'll be having a pickin' party here starting at 1pm. last week it was huge!! Saturday night we'll have the first Poker Run of February and that will be a warm up for.....Super Bowl Party in the Street!!!! Yes...the tent is going back up!!! Band will be starting at 2pm...maybe we'll even talk some Jerry Jeff folks to join in...hmmm...
  1. We'll have food and cigars available under the tent too.
    And yes...Monday we will be opening a little bit late!!

Feliz Bar and Grill is an 2nd Annual SAGA Superbowl Tailgate Party. So here's what we have come up with. All tables will have seating for 4 people. These tables also include drink service ...for the entire game, no need to wait in line at the bar.

In Front of the 18 FOOT Screen!!!!

First Row SAGA VIP Tables ----- $200BZ SOLD OUT!!!
Which includes a Lazy Croc BBQ sampler for 4 people and your first 8 ICE COLD Belikins or Local Rum Drinks courtesy of Feliz Bar & Grill.

Second Row Field Tables ----- $100BZ ONLY 1 LEFT!!!!
Includes your first 10 ICE COLD Belikins or Local Rum Drinks.

Third Row Upper Deck Tables ----- $50BZ Only 3 Left!!!
Includes your first 5 ICE COLD Belikins or Local Rum Drinks.

Let us know what team you are cheering for so that we can make sure your table is decorated in your team colors!!!!

We also have reserve seating at the bar if you want a guaranteed seat at the bar. $25 for a reserved seat including your first 2 ICE COLD Belikins or Local Rum Drinks.

And PLEASE REMEMBER the proceeds go to Saga Humane Society!!!

Please contact us on FB or call us at 626-2935
See More
— at Feliz Bar & Grill.


So were are thinking towards Superbowl...HHMM
Jalapeno poppers
fried pickles
potatoe skins
cheese sticks
Buckets of Beers !! It s gonna be a great day!! at the Palapa!
So were are thinking towards Superbowl...HHMM
Jalapeno poppers
fried pickles
potatoe skins
cheese sticks

Buckets of Beers !! It s gonna be a great day!! at the Palapa!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Belize in experience of paradise

Probably the most influential of nationalities in Belize is the Maya, the native Indian culture  that built many of the now historical ruins found in the country. The country is the home of the earliest settlements of the Mayans, as evidenced by the glyphs found at numerous dig sites. Mayan communities throughout Belize have been traced as far back as 200BC, making them the contemporaries of the Ancient Egyptians. The civilization was highly advanced, and why the the culture died out to three tribes remaining in Belize which is the Mopan, the Yucatec, and the Kechi, remains a mystery even today. On today's famous visiting area is Caracol, Xunantunich, Tikal. If you want to visit Caracol you may want to get a tour guide in San Ignaciao. Xunantunich is easily accessible from either San Ignaciao or San Jose Succotz.

If you really want to be snorkeling in Belize is a well experienced visiting sites. Belize has the amazing under-water spot, which has an blessed eight miles stretch of reef. To Tropical fishes, to colourful crustaceans Belize's Barrier reef lets you explore a fantastic coral formation when you are meet face to fin. If you want to dive you may want to try yourself the Blue Hole. Belize's well known as the Popular dive site. Even if you are wanting snorkel there many things to see while you are swimming on a distance of Central Cayes of Belize. Belize is so small and lots to do in the entire country.

If you want to enjoy a great morning, one of the best ways to make it right is enjoy mountain trails, thrum of hooves and see flying toucan. Caving experience at Actun Tunichil Muknal which is known as the ATM is a journey through jungle, and a bracing swim with helmet through cool water in the cave's entrance. Three miles of walk, climbing, and crawling and passing through strange rock formation and blackness the cave's sacred main chamber is reached. East from Belmopan at Nohoch Che'en after 45 minutes hike through nature's forest you might learn a few things of how to survive through jungle. A surprisingly tasty insect you'll strongly inner tube floating peacefully through the caves with schools of eyeless cave fish, Stalactites and long ago art designed by the Mayan Artist.

When it comes to hanging around in Belize, you'll want to be in Placencia or San Pedro, where livelihood of energetic people, great restaurants, sports bar, and white sandy beach and palm trees on the beachfront and while windy days come relax on a hammock. Hotels which has to offer the best services in town. When it comes family adventure fun they main reason why they come to Belize is to encounter wildlife, action and adventure, and plenty of fun in the sun.

so if you want have fun Belize come join us for the warm weather and its best kept secret Belize has to offer. Discover the creative energy of Belize City, Uncover the secrets of the San Ignacio ruins, Embark... ’s sandy shores, Swim off the warm coast of Belize, Listen to howler monkeys bellow through the jungle Discover the natural wonders and rich cultural history of Belize. This laidback paradise is packed full of fun.

San Pedro Ambergris Caye, Belize

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Sugar cane has now began delivering

In the early morning of January 24, 2014 sugar cane has started in Corozal district, Belize. It must continue after an eight week delay crop for "bagasse" payment. Since September of last year the cane farmers has issued a payment of Baggasse. The management of BSI/ASR had presented 18 Branches to work on an agreement between the Government of Belize for wanting to provide payment of Baggasse Since January 8th 2014. Unfortunately, There is another problem which is the road.The final obstacle of the Stakeholders are experiencing the road conditions are not so good which are causing slow movement on delivering the crops to the factory. This is causing over a million dollars to recover because of the delay. The reason why the conditions of the road are in bad shape, is because of last year's rain. Since last week Monday the road has started to be repaired by the Government of Belize. Since it has commenced only only 30% was fixed and the other is not completed as yet.Vice Chairman of the Cane Farmers Association's Committee of Management, says that there's a budget to fix the roads but there's  not sufficient to complete all. Farmers were complaining and call the media that the roads are to bad to be accessed.

Alfredo Ortega - Vice-Chair, BSFCA's CoM says he that he wanted 90% of the road fixed but disappointed that the contract was made to many roads and the fund was depleted. Vice chair man thought
that they were fixing the road and his goal post is to move from a different location which made roads amount designated. 10% are for the farmers to have access to the road and the other will be filled with stones until it reaches 40% of the road to be fix and relocate to another area. The heavily load is kept there because its is unable to brought by the farmers on the sugar roads. In the areas where different spots which had the worst conditions are filled with rocks and dump in the potholes. In the amount budget by Government was about 2.5million dollars for only the repairs of the roads.

The continuation of crop season began at the Branch of San Narciso in the Corozal District. It was called for Orange Walk division to burn until Friday not Thursday. Cane farmers explains that all they can do is wait until the condition's stays better. 10,000 tones of cane was lost and approximately 10, 000 Dollars were in lost because of the delay of the crop season.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Elvin Penner Returns to House

Since the outrage of the passport scandal Elvin Penner returns in the house meeting which was held on Jan 22nd, 2014 in Belmopan. As everyone knows that his in the middle of every single  passport fugitive. His strike of three- meetings he missed out of six would make him disqualified out of the House. As he attended in yesterdays meeting he was the only far beyond 10 feet of his other representatives entering the in a furtive way. This scandals will not be forgotten and will not be left on a side. In the process of Nationality and Certificate the former minister delivered and incomplete documents which was required to issue the passport was not completed in in full document process.  

While Wong Hong sat in a jail in Taiwan, Penner made a process to required passport and certificate issued by him, providing  documents which made him fugitive in the country of Belize. Since September of 2013 after the scandal of passport, Penner's his office has since been shut down which was confirmed by  UDP Cayo Northeast Executive Committee Chairman Fermin Magana.  Penner was then removed from his government portfolio and still receives Seven Thousand per month, drives a fully maintained SUV government vehicle. As his action of showing that the immigration office is a joke by slapping his wrist on his side, the crowd was abacked.

“Yes, he is. Like so many other area representatives, like everybody, he receives a stipend and like so many others, he does have an office open…as far as I understand. That is something that he will have to account for, I supposed, to the Auditor General. We try to make the point that these funds are given to all of us as area representatives for specific purposes, but he is not the only one who is not using the money for the purposes for which they are given. But because of the practices that it is done by way of depositing monies in their accounts, it is pretty hard to be able to ensure that they open offices.” Said Dean Barrow.

Fermin Magana, Chairman, U.D.P. Cayo Northeast Executive Committee was at Belmopan because of other business that took him to Belmopan. His was not in support of Elvin Penner nor he has something against penner. Penner's name is being submitted to run for the area. Mister John August which is working along with Fermin Magana which they are work in separate roads.

Unfortunately, Ferman Magana has not received any confirmation that Penner has an open office at this time. But still receives payment from the government. 

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Jerry Jeff Walker's Party Afternoon at Wet Willy's

The afternoon was just perfect time to come out and enjoy the day. It was a great afternoon at Wet Willy's as each singer came on stage to sing their best songs on stage. Everyone dance laughed the way down till everyone was tired... The place was packed with the JJW follower's at Wet Willy's. How awesome this Jam Session it was. I hope this week goes well with the weather. If you want to follow JJW in San Pedro join the fun Today after the opening at 9pm at Fido's, then head on to Crazy Canuck's on Wednesday and Saturday at Fido's from 11am and then head to Lola's after live music has finished, Sunday is road Kill 1pm till 5pm. Also, Don't forget if you want live music at Wet Willy's come join us every Monday, Wednesday (Ladies Night), Friday and Saturday from 5pm-7pm. Here is the picture's from yesterday's JJW live Jam Session:

Here are some singers they did a excellent job on entertaining the crowd.

It was a beautiful day to come out and enjoy the weather. 

They had the crowd Dancing on the space.

She did a great job playing the drums. Thumbs-ups up.

What a fun afternoon everyone had.. It is great to join the JJW wherever they go.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Valentine weekend package

Friday February 14, 2014
Bullet Tree Falls Village, 501 San Ignacio, Belize
If you’ve been looking for that special surprise for your loved-one this Valentine’s Day – look no further. Our Valentine’s Weekend Package will satisfy any starry-eyed lovers – and is the perfect gift to bring you together. With all in a luxurious and stunning setting – this is one Valentine’s you’ll never forget.

• Valentine’s Day weekend 14th – 16th February 2014
• One night in a Air Condition luxurious Room
• Tropical cocktail – Welcome drink
• Romantic chocolate tropic flower turn-down service
• A Tropical Flower for her
• complementary morning coffee or tea
• Enjoy a RICO’S RESTAURANT & BAR dinner experience
• All Government taxes and service charges.
• Complementary High Speed WIFI
$149* per person (base on double occupancy)
Travel between Friday 14th - Sunday 16th February 2014.
*Terms and Conditions: $149 rate is valid in a luxurious standard room. Bookings are subject to availability. Special rate valid for new bookings effective from 19/01/14 for accommodation in a luxurious standard room between 14/02/14 and 16/02/14.

To the point

  1.  There is a new show in town. There will be discussion about Politics--Social Issues, Discussions, Debates so tune to channel 20 for more information on how you can watch the show... If you have any concern or about island call in and give your opinion.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

A Sunday morning walk in San Pedro

This morning, I took a walk down south. It was very cool and the town seemed to be quiet at the time. As I headed towards the beach, there where  people running and exercising or some was just have a walk down the beach. Waking up early in the morning you can hear all different types species of birds in island. This is is time that you can enjoy seeing the sunrise and have the quiet time in town. There's no traffic, there's no rushing on the street and not too much noise. Here are some photo's I took this morning between the hour of 7-8am. What an excellent Sunday morning weather in San Pedro.
It was cool this morning but the sun kept shining through the clowds.

calm water and gloomy morning. What a beautiful morning on a Sunday morning.

The park was quiet and the water was low. 

This morning as I was walking south in front of Blue Water Grill, the crew of Telenovela had just finished rehearsing. On the above picture you can see them on the right middle of the picture. 

The weather seemed like it wanted to rain.

Infront of Crazy Canuck's.

This photo was taken infront of Island Academy.

 It feels great to get up early in the morning and see the island wake up slowly. What a great walk this morning hope the weather doesn't turn out bad today. If you want live music head on to Road Kill at 1pm and Crazy Canuck's at 2:30pm.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

BC's Bar a lovely place to be

 From happy smile to a happy laugh how BC's services is awesome. Children  played on the sand and swim on the water. T-shirts Hanging on the ceiling. Its roof covered with palm leaves. Fun Bartners made everyone laugh to their famous drinks. Sunday BC's is known for its famous B.B.Q chicken and is known for its famous live music with Dennis Wolf and Derrick Banos joined with Dennis JR Wolfe. Now, it was every Thursday and Friday from 4-7pm with Tull and Brent. Everyone just had a great time at BC's. It has been 16 years since they opened in the area their and such a lovely spot to sit back and relax. While you listen to live music and the day of paradise you just can't get enough of fun. Each October they held the Saga Humane Society dog Halloween competition for Raise funds. Many will miss this spot as its closing on JAN.16th, 2014. On Saturday January 12th they made Ms. Charlyne a special event just for her. The fun things was that she thought it was fundraiser for Saga Humane Society. When they brought here a mini BC's cake She couldn't believe it was a surprise party. She was a graduate At St Catherine's Academy. Then she went to Miami to work on flight attendance for Belize Airlines flying around the Caribbean and Central America. She got married with an Australian. Since 1993 she opened BC's. two year's in Coconuts and two years in Coco Loco.  In 1997 her and her husband open BC's their doors where it is now located South of Blue Water Grill where BC's is. But the Sad news, Since Diamante had put up their sign in early 2012, things started to e-scaled. Not for all. Everyone kept ignoring the sign and had one of  their best times in BC's.

Here are some picture's from the past:

Mr. Ed Singing
Halloween Bashment in BC's for more picture's click here:

This was one of the popular bar in San Pedro as some called it their "office" made there day great. As workers coming out from work they took one or two drinks as to just have a relaxing time while they listen to music. On December of every year they always do White Elephant Gift Exchange. And on December 20th of 2013 that was their last one gift exchange its a great night. We are all looking forward for where ever BC's goes. Who's ready?

Friday, 10 January 2014

Jerry Jeff Walkers in San Pedro

 Jerry Jeff is an American famous for his country music and songwriter. More than 18 years, Jerry Jeff Walkers has been coming to Belize once a year to entertain their music to the island.  They all come the last week of January and the first week of February. They come to Belize to showcase their concert at the beginning of the year and its one fun concert. This year activities are scheduled from Jan 19-Feb 2nd. There will be two shows per week on January 20-26th Tuesday and Friday. Part two will be from January 26 to February 2nd.  (All tickets are sold out) On Sunday, 19th of Jan at 6pm everyone will be meeting at Fido's where everyone can enjoy the night meet friends and getting information about the events taken place. Don't forget that Kelly McGuire will be here for his birthday to have a blast. He will be performing live music for two weeks at Fido's Restaurant. cruise with Jerry Jeff Walkers on the beautiful Caribbean sea. Swim or snorkel with them.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Cane Farmers Argues For Bagasse

In 1848 Sugar cane was brought into Corozal District from Yucatan. When Libertad Factory opened in 1935, after a declined in the 19 century, More and More land where used to grow cane and after it spreaded to Orange Walk. Today the factory moved to Orange Walk and crushers are used to extract the sugar and more than 41,000 acres of land are used to plant cane. Today the factory is having major problems in the growing of plants. They have a delay on crop season and less time before crop season is over. The year has started and yet no crops are sent to the factory. The Farmers wants an agreement by the Prime Minister to act as a mediator aiming to help the parties reaching an agreement and committee and agreement indicating BSI's Memorandum Baggasse payment. 

In 2010, an MOU was called together in BSI, because they had Financial Problems. BSI signed  an MOU so that they can get 10 million dollars by the Government. At this present time, a Lawyer is working at this matter and Alfredo Ortega– Vice Chair, BSCFA sent out an invitation requesting a meeting with the Prime Minister. It will indicate where they will sign an MOU between BSCFA, BSI and the Government of Belize. In 2011 the prices were $72.17 per ton which was an average of 61 million dollars that was paid to farmers. Baggasse was used to produce electricty after the process of white sugar, brown sugar, molasses and electricity from sugarcane.

 Bagasse is used for electricity. It produces a burning of Sugarcane bagasse which is then turn to water to steam. Then, the steam turns to turbine is and produces electricity.  This process is called Sucrose, extracted and purified in specialized mill factories, is used as raw material in human food industries or is fermented to produce ethanol. Ethanol is produced by Belize Sugar Industries/American Sugar Refining to generate electricity which is then sold to Belize Electricity Limited for a profit. 

When the press release came out from BSCFA, the courage of BSI to try to mislead  the cane farmers into wanting to accept the conditions that payment will be solve on issueing for by-products MA- Memorandum of Agreement, BSI second disagreement was that they are afraid of New ownership and third that there will be no legal prejudgment.But, there is yet an unknown process for condensed matter payment for Bagassee. At this time only discussion are being made by the Prime Minister.  The BSCFA states that it is BSI who has been doing the scandal of the Baggasse. BSCFA has been urging to Cane Farmers to start since December 2012, but they refuse the conditions of wanting to pay for baggasse..  Cane Farmers are to meet again on January 12th.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Have no plans this last minute weekend in San Pedro, Belize? Take a look at this list

1.) Saturday live music at BC's. Guess who's back. Micheal Green is back for a great guitar live music at BC's starting Saturday from 4pm till 7pm. Also, while you heng at the bar order food from anywhere in town just ask any bartender for assistance. So, don't miss this day for a full fun afternoon.

2.) Come on out and join us for Feliz Saturday tomorrow starting at 2. Music starting at 3 with Kirk and Derrick of the The Cover-ups in Belize.

NFL Wildcard Playoffs starting at 3:30 with the Chiefs vs The Colts and then at 7 The Saints vs The Eagles.

Also its Heather's Birthday tomorrow so come out and help us celebrate it.

"Come Put A LIttle Feliz into Your Saturday"

3.) Wet Willy's Dennis Wolf and the Ussual suspects from 4pm till 8pm. Also, enjoy some seafood while you enjoy your afternoon on top of the water.

4.) Sunday Crazy Canuck's bar is having the Cover-ups from 3pm till 7pm. At the meant enjoy some horseshoes from 2:30pm unitl. Don't make this rain stop you enjoy this 2014 first weekend in San Pedro.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

A child shoots his father in Corozal Town

The police station received a call at around ten thirty pm on January 1, 2014 a statement was made that while, Fifty three year old Jones Hensley also known as Nick Jones at Ranchito village, Corozal district residence was at home in the kitchen, when out of no were his son Hensleigh Ryan Jones shot his father three times in his head. Jones then rushed out of his house towards the police vehicle when suddenly blood was pooring out of his head. While Nick Jones was by medical assistance they found three bullits in his head. 2 shots on his left and one in his back portion of his head. Then he was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for medical care and remains in critical condition.

After investigation being made police found .38 special revolver with serial number J37982 SMITH AND WESSON brand, black color brown handle and five bullets of the same caliber as evidence. Jones is still alive while investigation is still ongoing.