Saturday, 25 January 2014

Sugar cane has now began delivering

In the early morning of January 24, 2014 sugar cane has started in Corozal district, Belize. It must continue after an eight week delay crop for "bagasse" payment. Since September of last year the cane farmers has issued a payment of Baggasse. The management of BSI/ASR had presented 18 Branches to work on an agreement between the Government of Belize for wanting to provide payment of Baggasse Since January 8th 2014. Unfortunately, There is another problem which is the road.The final obstacle of the Stakeholders are experiencing the road conditions are not so good which are causing slow movement on delivering the crops to the factory. This is causing over a million dollars to recover because of the delay. The reason why the conditions of the road are in bad shape, is because of last year's rain. Since last week Monday the road has started to be repaired by the Government of Belize. Since it has commenced only only 30% was fixed and the other is not completed as yet.Vice Chairman of the Cane Farmers Association's Committee of Management, says that there's a budget to fix the roads but there's  not sufficient to complete all. Farmers were complaining and call the media that the roads are to bad to be accessed.

Alfredo Ortega - Vice-Chair, BSFCA's CoM says he that he wanted 90% of the road fixed but disappointed that the contract was made to many roads and the fund was depleted. Vice chair man thought
that they were fixing the road and his goal post is to move from a different location which made roads amount designated. 10% are for the farmers to have access to the road and the other will be filled with stones until it reaches 40% of the road to be fix and relocate to another area. The heavily load is kept there because its is unable to brought by the farmers on the sugar roads. In the areas where different spots which had the worst conditions are filled with rocks and dump in the potholes. In the amount budget by Government was about 2.5million dollars for only the repairs of the roads.

The continuation of crop season began at the Branch of San Narciso in the Corozal District. It was called for Orange Walk division to burn until Friday not Thursday. Cane farmers explains that all they can do is wait until the condition's stays better. 10,000 tones of cane was lost and approximately 10, 000 Dollars were in lost because of the delay of the crop season.

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