Thursday, 23 January 2014

Elvin Penner Returns to House

Since the outrage of the passport scandal Elvin Penner returns in the house meeting which was held on Jan 22nd, 2014 in Belmopan. As everyone knows that his in the middle of every single  passport fugitive. His strike of three- meetings he missed out of six would make him disqualified out of the House. As he attended in yesterdays meeting he was the only far beyond 10 feet of his other representatives entering the in a furtive way. This scandals will not be forgotten and will not be left on a side. In the process of Nationality and Certificate the former minister delivered and incomplete documents which was required to issue the passport was not completed in in full document process.  

While Wong Hong sat in a jail in Taiwan, Penner made a process to required passport and certificate issued by him, providing  documents which made him fugitive in the country of Belize. Since September of 2013 after the scandal of passport, Penner's his office has since been shut down which was confirmed by  UDP Cayo Northeast Executive Committee Chairman Fermin Magana.  Penner was then removed from his government portfolio and still receives Seven Thousand per month, drives a fully maintained SUV government vehicle. As his action of showing that the immigration office is a joke by slapping his wrist on his side, the crowd was abacked.

“Yes, he is. Like so many other area representatives, like everybody, he receives a stipend and like so many others, he does have an office open…as far as I understand. That is something that he will have to account for, I supposed, to the Auditor General. We try to make the point that these funds are given to all of us as area representatives for specific purposes, but he is not the only one who is not using the money for the purposes for which they are given. But because of the practices that it is done by way of depositing monies in their accounts, it is pretty hard to be able to ensure that they open offices.” Said Dean Barrow.

Fermin Magana, Chairman, U.D.P. Cayo Northeast Executive Committee was at Belmopan because of other business that took him to Belmopan. His was not in support of Elvin Penner nor he has something against penner. Penner's name is being submitted to run for the area. Mister John August which is working along with Fermin Magana which they are work in separate roads.

Unfortunately, Ferman Magana has not received any confirmation that Penner has an open office at this time. But still receives payment from the government. 

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