Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Jerry Jeff Walker's Party Afternoon at Wet Willy's

The afternoon was just perfect time to come out and enjoy the day. It was a great afternoon at Wet Willy's as each singer came on stage to sing their best songs on stage. Everyone dance laughed the way down till everyone was tired... The place was packed with the JJW follower's at Wet Willy's. How awesome this Jam Session it was. I hope this week goes well with the weather. If you want to follow JJW in San Pedro join the fun Today after the opening at 9pm at Fido's, then head on to Crazy Canuck's on Wednesday and Saturday at Fido's from 11am and then head to Lola's after live music has finished, Sunday is road Kill 1pm till 5pm. Also, Don't forget if you want live music at Wet Willy's come join us every Monday, Wednesday (Ladies Night), Friday and Saturday from 5pm-7pm. Here is the picture's from yesterday's JJW live Jam Session:

Here are some singers they did a excellent job on entertaining the crowd.

It was a beautiful day to come out and enjoy the weather. 

They had the crowd Dancing on the space.

She did a great job playing the drums. Thumbs-ups up.

What a fun afternoon everyone had.. It is great to join the JJW wherever they go.

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