Sunday, 19 January 2014

A Sunday morning walk in San Pedro

This morning, I took a walk down south. It was very cool and the town seemed to be quiet at the time. As I headed towards the beach, there where  people running and exercising or some was just have a walk down the beach. Waking up early in the morning you can hear all different types species of birds in island. This is is time that you can enjoy seeing the sunrise and have the quiet time in town. There's no traffic, there's no rushing on the street and not too much noise. Here are some photo's I took this morning between the hour of 7-8am. What an excellent Sunday morning weather in San Pedro.
It was cool this morning but the sun kept shining through the clowds.

calm water and gloomy morning. What a beautiful morning on a Sunday morning.

The park was quiet and the water was low. 

This morning as I was walking south in front of Blue Water Grill, the crew of Telenovela had just finished rehearsing. On the above picture you can see them on the right middle of the picture. 

The weather seemed like it wanted to rain.

Infront of Crazy Canuck's.

This photo was taken infront of Island Academy.

 It feels great to get up early in the morning and see the island wake up slowly. What a great walk this morning hope the weather doesn't turn out bad today. If you want live music head on to Road Kill at 1pm and Crazy Canuck's at 2:30pm.

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