Wednesday, 15 January 2014

BC's Bar a lovely place to be

 From happy smile to a happy laugh how BC's services is awesome. Children  played on the sand and swim on the water. T-shirts Hanging on the ceiling. Its roof covered with palm leaves. Fun Bartners made everyone laugh to their famous drinks. Sunday BC's is known for its famous B.B.Q chicken and is known for its famous live music with Dennis Wolf and Derrick Banos joined with Dennis JR Wolfe. Now, it was every Thursday and Friday from 4-7pm with Tull and Brent. Everyone just had a great time at BC's. It has been 16 years since they opened in the area their and such a lovely spot to sit back and relax. While you listen to live music and the day of paradise you just can't get enough of fun. Each October they held the Saga Humane Society dog Halloween competition for Raise funds. Many will miss this spot as its closing on JAN.16th, 2014. On Saturday January 12th they made Ms. Charlyne a special event just for her. The fun things was that she thought it was fundraiser for Saga Humane Society. When they brought here a mini BC's cake She couldn't believe it was a surprise party. She was a graduate At St Catherine's Academy. Then she went to Miami to work on flight attendance for Belize Airlines flying around the Caribbean and Central America. She got married with an Australian. Since 1993 she opened BC's. two year's in Coconuts and two years in Coco Loco.  In 1997 her and her husband open BC's their doors where it is now located South of Blue Water Grill where BC's is. But the Sad news, Since Diamante had put up their sign in early 2012, things started to e-scaled. Not for all. Everyone kept ignoring the sign and had one of  their best times in BC's.

Here are some picture's from the past:

Mr. Ed Singing
Halloween Bashment in BC's for more picture's click here:

This was one of the popular bar in San Pedro as some called it their "office" made there day great. As workers coming out from work they took one or two drinks as to just have a relaxing time while they listen to music. On December of every year they always do White Elephant Gift Exchange. And on December 20th of 2013 that was their last one gift exchange its a great night. We are all looking forward for where ever BC's goes. Who's ready?

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