Wednesday, 10 September 2014

10th of September Celebration kicked of in San Pedro

With the awaiting ceremony in Central Park for the coronation, the ceremony commenced at 9am. Students from different schools lined up in various groups to represent their schools.  On August 30th, Michelle Estrella Nuñez was Selected during the Annual Miss San Pedro Pageant. She was crown in Central Park during the ceremony on Wednesday September 10th and the other contestants Ramon’s Village Resort Michelle Nuñez was joined onstage by Doris Soriano sponsored by Diamante, Elma Gonzalez sponsored by Castillo’s Hardware, Daphney Panti sponsored by Fido’s Restaurant and Bar, Illeny Aguilar sponsored by Captain Sharks and Janelli Ack sponsored by Jaguar’s Temple where present at the ceremony and where given certificates and a gift. Each contestants where presented by each Town Council on stage. 

As the weather hold up for the ceremony and the parade, it was less worried to mentioned the that it was no waiting for the rainy, but I enjoyed watching the parade. The good thing though it did not rain too hard. As the parade started by its respective order, it took nearly 10 minutes for the commencement of the school parade. It was fun to watch the children having fun in their respective school and various number of bands playing on the parade the 10th of September Song. I've met a few people (TOURISTS) asking me for a bit of history about Belize while watching the parade.  I explained  to them the history of how the tenth of September become a holiday which is celebrated today. And their willing to come back next year. I hope to see next time my friends!

Well, as it was worth standing on a warm peaceful day I'm looking forward for the 21st of September which we are just getting started with the celebration. Who is ready for the 21st? Are you? Well here are some photo's I took while standing and enjoy my day in San Pedro while watching the parade in the Beautiful La Isla Bonita. Do enjoy the photos.

Coronation at the park  Ramon’s Village Resort Michelle Nuñez

The crowd in tune of the speech

Children watching the stage 

The crowd stood on a side to watch the parade 

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