Tuesday, 23 September 2014

2014 Orange Walk Parade

2014 Orange Walk parade celebration took place in the mid afternoon when each floats organized by each group. groups from Belize and Corozal join the fun for the great celebration for the 21st of September. From scouts, to colorful floats, to drums from different village 18 groups joined the fun. I liked the huge dress costumes tom the cool dances.

I liked this years event because for me it was the longest and best parade I ever seen.  My advise is, you want to join the fun? next year will be even fun. This years event was so fun I can't believe for the time they spent to decorate their floats and lots of practice. Here is the videos and pictures for Sundays event. Now this how we celebrate Belize Independence day.

And the fun for Belize I hope it continues bigger for next year's event. Enjoy the rest of your september.

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