Sunday, 24 November 2013

First Anniversary of Feliz Bar and Grill

It was a great afternoon at Feliz Bar and Grill for there first Anniversary. After all the rain in the early morning, sunshine stayed all afternoon for an enjoyment in here at Feliz. On Saturday Nov.23 Feliz Bar had a fun First anniversary. It all started as the band played live music the entire afternoon. At the time of the celebration free watermelon shot was given out to the customers. Everyone had a blast and a happy smile in their face. Tasting the Pork Roast was a delicous food I had ever had.  So, if you want to heng some where cool come join Feliz Bar and Grill  for the great service they have to offer. The fun continued as live games on flat screen tv was brought courtesy of Feliz restuarant. Little pup's played along with other pup's and people had good time spending at Feliz restuarant. When it comes to games we offer Bingo time every Wednesday at 6pm. Also, we offer our fastest internet in town and a location just for you to sit back relax and enjoy the time of paradise only here at Feliz. We will waiting for yor visit. Don't forget that we also have a pool-side and great food to order.

Famous Watermelon Shot


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