Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Garifuna Settlement Day celebration in San Pedro

It was a beautiful day to enjoy the Garifuna Settlement day here in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize. The sky was clear, the sea was calm, and the kids were having fun in the water. On November 19, 2013 the Garifuna came out in Central Park to present their ceremony held in San Pedro. It started at 11a.m. in the morning when a group of Garifuna’s, made a re-enactment of how they reached in Belize around the island with a boat. Ending up back in Central park, the show commenced.

It was great to hear the Garifuna National Anthem in their own language, followed by the Garifuna prayer.  A speech was made from each individual Mayor Daniel Guerrero, Retired teacher Angel Nunez, Mintister of Tourism and Culture Manuel Heredia, San Pedro Garifuna Council, each explained their own speech. They felt very happy to see this culture continue and growing each year. The show continued with the live drumming and show-casing their own food. The band were playing on the drums, while some dance along with the music enjoying the Punta rhythm. Locals and Tourists had a great experienced seeing at what Belize has to offer for the local Belizeans and Visitors abroad.

Sponsors were thanked for those who had helped on donating the Garifuna Culture to help bring this fantastic show together.

Since 1802 Garifuna was recognized to be part of the community in Belize. It comes back from the early 19 century when the Garinagu settled mostly on the southern part of Belize. This year it makes 181 years of Garifuna is being recognize in Belize, by the township in Dangriga.

The National flag of the Garifuna is White, yellow, and Black. Ladies clothing style , wear's a long dress sewn in chekered style and along with a head piece covering their entire head. The different types of food of Garifuna are called Boil up, serre, hudut, ereba (cassava bread). As the music the enjoy hearing in their culture would be Punta, Punta Rock, hungu-hungu, combination, wanaragua, abaimahani, matamuerte, laremuna wadaguman, gunjai, sambai, charikanari, eremuna egi, paranda, berusu, punta rock, teremuna ligilisi, arumahani, and Mali-amalihani. Punta is the mst popular when they are having a social event. Language comes from Arawakan language spoken in Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, and Nicaragua by the Garifuna people. Religion is accepted as Catholic and some in other religion.

Here are some photos taken:

Mayor Daniel Guerrero saying his speach.

Mr. Nunez up on stage talking about when the arrivals came in San Pedro.

Ms. Queen Garifuna pageant.


One of the member's beatting one of the ingridients.

Group having a fun time playing the drums.


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