Saturday, 28 December 2013

Bus nock's down a young cyclist

On Tuesday morning at around 6:15am a well known cyclist Geon Hanson was training for the upcoming New year's Day Cycling Classic on the George Price Highway. While riding between mile 36 and 37 the cyclist was found on the side of the road. While observing the accident, they found  that J and J bus had hit Geon Hanson and left him on the side of the road. The result weren't good, he sustained internal injuries, including a damaged spleen and a collapsed lung. He was transferred to Belmopan were he had his first surgery and then transferred to K.H.M.H for his other two surgery.

Police was informed that around 5:35am, between mile 36 and 37 there was an traffic accident in St. Mathews Village. The bus driver tried to avoid him while overtaking when he suddenly saw an incoming car high beam. Geon had three surgeries done on Tuesday. When further inspection was made they found that he had five broken ribs a bruised kidney.  While Geon was on surgery the doctors had to remove his spleen. The driver of the J and J bus company was the detained. Police are still on going with the investigation and made an NIP on the driver. Geon has been riding for 5 years for Krem's Cycling Classic.

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