Friday, 13 December 2013

Famous Chicken Drop in San Pedro (Wahoo's Lounge)

Have no plans on a Thursday night and want some entertainment in San Pedro ? Every Thursday in San Pedro, Wahoo's Lounge helds it's famous Chicken Drop that starts at 6pm. At 7pm when the game start's the announcer calls in the Chicken Security to bring the chicken to the selected person. A person is selected to spin around the chicken blowing it from behind and put it inside the box. Each square is purchased for 1$ and you can win yourself $100 or a $100 bar tab of the number drop.Live music performes at Wahoo's Lounge every Thursday. It was very entertaining with lot's of fun and music. Everyone yelling Chicken drop and looking at how the chicken just poops on a number and the winner of the number matching the ticket's win different price's. The board is a 10x10 and number 1 to 100 scrambled on the board. It is surrounded by a net, to let the chicken pick it's winning number. The crowd really has fun every week and get; very into it the game.  
Last night was very entertaining seeing how fun it was. So, if you're planning to visit San Pedro come join us on the beachside next to Spindrift Hotel.

 I went last night to take some photos here there are:

Here comes the security chicken.

Selected person spinning around the chicken.

 The chicken finding it's favourite number. Here is the part when the chicken just inflated as excitement of the crowd cheered; but didn't pooped until a 2 minutes after the photo was taken.
Now it is the Rooster's turn.

Okay what do I do know?


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