Monday, 31 March 2014

Chaa Creek, Belize Healthcare Growth

Chaa Creek is a private nature reserve in Belize which is located on a 365 acre land and is an award winning eco resort. The good news today, on March 24, 2014 a report by Belize and US Military met to discuss final agreement to prepare for the forthcoming New Horizon Medical Readiness training exercise or MEDRETES in the Corozal region in Belize is great news for people.  The DVIDS that Government of the US military Medical and Belize complement met to discuss final adjustment for the new clinic.

 According to Emil Bradley, Those retired people moving to Belize, visitors and ecotourism that are keeping Belize in pace of rising growth.  Each year the medical Care is keeping a result of the growth and the improvement of medical care. This is to help the community in this kind of services now being offered in Belize. After all, superior medical care is the cornerstone to quality of life, and it's heartening to see that health remains a priority in Belize, he said.

Chunox, Progresso, and Libertad in this area Belizean and Military will provide medical care to residents and schools using MEDRETES as to learn from one another providing the needs of healthcare. Three schools had agreed to let use of  their building to provide medical care, so we link with principals to make everything was ready.  Lt. Col. James Smith, New Horizon chief liaison officer said.  

General Medicine, Dentists and Veterinarian care will be provided to local population and that Belizean and the US Medical group will work hand in hand. Mayor Daniel Bradley said " In the previous years,  healthcare has been a major issue in Belize, which is provided through both public and private healthcare systems.

Since the growth from the early days of tourism, Independence in 1981, people looked at the quality health care was part of equation. It was a visionary approach on both  Government and private sector which followed the hall to ensure people of Belize and visitors had access to health care. Chaa Creek, in this example, The relationships was recognized with local health clinics,  If  a guest suffered from an injury from a existing prior condition, they looked after by competitive doctors that are know and  well trusted.

It was part of the services given to the guests. Any adventurous resort will eventually be unsealed to few accidents or misshapen and we want to be ready from day one. Security systems, is understood that my staff's job was always proactive and reactive, said Mr Darrel.

Regarding to MEDRETES project Lt James mentioned that the Belizean Government and the US Military representative have equal exercise to ensure the best possible care is given to the local population while also providing valuable training opportunity for Belizeans and US Medical professionals.

Belize is still a new country developing,  health, quality, of life and other indicators it is great to see Belize in the right path. The records in the area is very excellent, especially when you consider that we have to offer true- back to nature experience such as horseback riding, canoeing and other outdoor activities ranging from soft to moderately extreme," Mr. Bradley said.

Chaa Creek is based under Chaa Creek Cares program which not many people now about. In the tourism it is based on sustainable, responsible travel, and the records is based on second to none. All rooms of 10% income for the past years had gone straight into the environmental and social project. If add up all that up you get the previous cooperation along with Government of Belize and the US Military.


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