Saturday, 12 April 2014

Guatemala national trespasser investigation in Belize

Recently we missioned to you the killing of a Guatemalan national inside the Chiquibul  forest by the Defense Force Personnel Officer had ignited to restore relation by International Community on the existing issues between Belize and Guatemala Border. It happen a week ago when a Guatemala national was crossing Belize side.  The investigation was looked at closely between the soldiers and the trespasser. Officials of Guatemala and Ministry of Foreign met together on a meeting to discuss what had happened.

It is not the first time that Belize has to deal with this kind of matter. It is very serious matter that will affect us both Domestically and National Boundaries. The investigation needs to be opened and investigation needs to go on as fast as possible. The public of Guatemala relation and international citizen are forced to act to make the investigation happen. Shortly after the shooting two witnesses from Guatemala appeared in the post mortem and were alerted of the occupation that were sent by their council to give help. In giving the help they can also get the information on what had happened.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Wilfred Elrington he spoke to the two witnesses "They spent a Three days upon Belize to I got the appearance that they were quite content with what we told them. "


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