Thursday, 10 April 2014

Multimillion dollars Norwegian Cruise Line Tourism Project

On our previous article we mentioned that the Norwegian Cruise  Line was given the go ahead to build the multimillion dollars project on Harvest  Caye. An update from Norwegian Cruise Line are defending their achievements an the argument against NCL. The accusation on BTIA is demanding The Norwegian and the Minister Lisel Alamilla National  Environment Appraisal and  Committee acted irrespective when given the green light. Time is running out and Norwegian Cruise Line had the fault by not following the standards. It is Nothing new on head tax, but we keep upright on EIA and maintaining decisions on International reputation. Colin Murphy, the Vice President of Destination says.

Roughly about 12 million dollars was spent on the purchase of the island, equipment's and  plans by Architecture design. The approval was accepted by the EIA and BTIA's concern was sent a year ago by the development on the island which BTIA is against the development. The complaints was filed on their decisions and The Norwegians Cruise Line is making their next step as voting was either not voted or went back in General agreements by NEAC.

BTIA's concern was expressed unsuitably as they expressed their concern on the  Department of Environment. The Norwegian Cruise Line is following the Belizean standards to start the right way. NCL will operate a higher standard operation than those regular Business stakeholders.

They are obligated to protect the waters and is not taken lightly. NCL will need to follow certain Laws as it will operate as international boating and following Laws. As Passengers are always concern they are always explained that the environment is sensitive. For the Harvest Caye project, the DOE is now working on an environmental compliance plan (ECP).

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