Monday, 28 April 2014


 As Tropic Air is expanding,the company announces its brand new planes brought to Belize. Pilots will be trained for this new flight a King Air plane. It is a  pressurised, air-conditioned, high-speed, twin-engine, jet prop aircraft. The pressurised plane is design for High altitude up to a speed of (250mph) flights. 

The two new plane is design to carry up 12 passengers while on board. The arrangement will allow a high level of group seating that passengers were asking. According to the president of Tropic Air John Grief III said "We were pleased to introduce the modern glass cockpit Cessna Caravan to Belize, and now we are pleased to once again raise the bar of air comfort for our passengers with the King Air" 

After a temporary crew and support services familiar, The King Air will only fly on route to Roatan, Merida and daily flights to Cancun. It will appear on other internationals routes, such as San Pedro Sula and Flores, Peten from time to time. 

The company Tropic Air controls 12 aircraft en route to 16 destination in the familiar places in Belize, Honduras, Mexico and Guatemala. With over 270 employees, Tropic Air launched flights to Merida, and Mexico will be in March of this year.

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