Sunday, 13 April 2014

Winner of the Band fest 2014 held in Corozal Recalde Stadium

2014 band Fest was moved to Orange Walk town to the beautiful town of Corozal due health problems in the Stadium of Orange Walk. But, nothing stopped the event that took place this past Saturday April 12, 2014 in Corozal. The event started at 9am when each team marched down the streets of Corozal. The streets were filled with the crowd and were entertained by the marching bands. They were anxious to here who would win the 2014 contest. Through the streets of Corozal they headed to the Recalde Stadium were they went to compete with each other and Judging took place.

 This year's Group that participated was Corozal Community College, Uprising from Orange Walk, Belmopan Active Youth, Santa Elena & San Ignacio Dreams, Benque Viejo, Stealer Futuristic, Saint Luke's, Santa Elena & San Ignacio Dream, Holy Redeemer,  Cieba De Honduras, and Chetumal's Marching Band. At 1pm The Event commence as Sir Colvin Young made his speech, Prayer by the Catholic church, National Anthem By CCC and Closing Ceremony by Rene Villanueva. Each group headed to the field one by one as each group had only 15 minutes to present their best drum lining. The crowd was entertained through-out the event as they made their crowd waves.

With Judging went on until the last band that presented their group at 4:30, on the Drum Line competition it was very tight. Competing St. Luke's and Belmopan Active Youth, Santa Elena and St.Luke's, Stealer Futuristic was eliminated. This teams performed a great presentation. Enrique, Brent Brian, Dr. Jeff Briant, were the Judge's of the Band Fest 2014.

With their beautiful uniforms to the best sound beats I would applauded to all participants competing as they worked hard to win. Moving on to the end of the Band Fest Master of Ceremony Made the announcement of the winners.

Here are the winners below First by Award's, Sponsors, the winning teams and Photo's:

Award and Certificate's:
  • Senior Superintendent Joseph Margret
  • Superintendent Andrew Martinez Police Formation
  • Deputy Arnold Martinez Police Formation
  • Deputy Daniel Arzut  Police Formation
  • Deputy Alice Mclafin Police Formation
Northern Regional:

  • Red Cross
  • Belize Defense Force
  • Corozal Traffic Department
  • Pluck- Mayor Kevin  Bernard Corozal Town
  • Pluck-Mayor Gilberto Campus Orange Walk
  • Pluck-Governor General Of Belize
Other Certificate's and Pluck:
  • Oceana
  •  Belize Electricity Benny's
  •  Minister of Youth and Sports representing by Forman Longsworth 
  •  Bowen and Bowen
  • Gail University
  •  Motor Solution Limited
  • Vical
  • NICH Sports Award
  •  Belize Natural energy Sports Award
  • Scotia bank
  • Embassy of Taiwan

 Winner's of Band-Fest:

  • Best Choreograph Belmopan Active Youth Band
  • Most Improved Band - Benque Viejo Marching Band ( They performed 2nd last year)
  • Drum Line Champion $1,000 and a Trophy - St. Luke's (They didn't won last but did they did it this year and on 2006)
  • Text- in most Popular Band 1,000 and a Trophy - Corozal Community College
  • 1st Place Drum Chores $4,000 -  Belmopan Active Youth ( making there way from 2nd place to 1st)
  • 2nd Place Drum Chores $2,000 - Holy Redeemer Marching Band
  • 3rd place Drum Chores Division $2,000 and a Trophy - St. Luke's
Marching Band:

1st Band Marching Band $6,000 and Trophy - Benque Viejo Marching Band
2nd place Marching Band $2,000 and a Trophy - Corozal Community College
3rd Place Marching Band $1,000 - Santa Elena & San Ignacio Dreams

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