Monday, 7 April 2014

15 years medical missionary comes to Belize

On Friday April 4th, 2014 26 members of St Joseph Hospital, Buckhannon Sister Francesca Lowis hosted a blessing where everyone gathered inside the St Joseph Hospital chapel. they left on Saturday to come to Belize which they come each year as missionaries. In the help of the 26 members, for the past 15 years Heart and Ministries of St Joseph Hospital,  Buckhannon  travels to Belize as Medical Mission Trip.

For the past 15th years the mission Group travelled to Belize to help perform the medical tasks such surgeries, clinic operations, dentistry and more. Their is a pre-date official organization start although it has been 15 years to Belize, we made two trips to Guatemala  and has gone up to 17 mission trips in total, with the two trips to Guatemala.

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