Monday, 28 October 2013

Saga Humane Society Halloween Dog Contest

Every year in San Pedro one of the biggest event of Saga Humane Society is celebrating Halloween. Competion among dog's was a very fun time to see. The category was prize from the cuttest, scariest, funiest, best couple, best original where chosen by wy winner's. The reason they raise funds every week is that, they want to sterilize over 300 island pets every month and sterilize 75% of pets in 3-5 years. Prizes were given away to those who had bought raffle tickets. The winner of the category Cuttiest: 3rd place was won by Princess dressed as the pumkin, 1st place was a tie Pumpkin Chiuahuaha and Yankee and Third Place Princess the Pumkin. The Most Scariest Chiuahuaha Zoombie. Thanks to BC's that made host for the Saga Humane Society Halloween Dog Costume Contest. Also Mr. Valentino provided live music throught out the event. Lots of Food and drinks, pastries, Cupcakes and much more were sold.

Cup-Cake Dog First place winner of the most Cuttiest.

Sadie the Unicorn.

Princess the Chuahuah Pumkin.

Third place Winner of Most Cuttiest.

Willie the Dolphin and Sadie the Unicorn

Judge's Countlessly Judging the Halloween Dog Contestant.They
were Tamara from the San Pedro Sun and Jan Brown

Creative San PEdro Sun Newspaper Cstume.

Lion' Club Costume.

Contestants Waiting for them to showcase their dog's Costume.
Winner of the Massage

Cool Aid Dog.
First place for the Scariest dog.

Winning tie.

Contestants waiting for them to showcase thei Halloween Dressed dog.

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