Friday, 28 March 2014

Elvin Penner charged for Passport scandal

Six months ago Elvin Penner was giving Belizean passport to Chinese. Slowly, the evidence came out that Penner was responsible for the passport scandal. Elvin Penner was criminally charged and is out on bail for $2,000. He appeared at the Belmopan Magistrate's court on Wednesday morning on march 27,2014.

He was charged for the involvement in the immigration scandal. He allegedly, to work on passport for South Korean Kim Wong Hong in The immigration Department.  Notwithstanding, what showed was overwhelmed on the evidence being found and many investigation, at the end criminal charges were not brought on fault against Penner. Since September of last year the citizen and the opposition had opposing the one that is on power.

As the  private persecution undertook Penner, President Geovanni Brackett and Executive Member Nedal McLaren under COLA took him in charge as Penner was accused of Knowledge a fitness Voucher and made a report which  he knew about the fault in quality particular in respect of nationality certificates and passport given to Wong Hong Kim which he was never in Belize. Attorney Ellis Arnold and Defendant Aretha Ford were in court on Wednesday were Penner pleaded not guilty.

After six month of being free, Elvin Penner had his day in court. Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryl Lynn- Vidal had mentioned that it is pure government protection at all levels. A large weight of her office to COLA's efforts.

The  members of the House Representative are shocked to observe that this is the first time that a representor was taken to a Lawsuit and the first member of a House was charged. UDP   representative Hon Dean Barrow states that the Legal Guilt evidence of Mr. Penner Cayo Northeast  is not their.  People wondered that COLA wouldn't gone anywhere with this matter. It was a very risky one when it was applied for the charges.

COLA's attorney worked along with Commissioner police Allen Whylie gathered information and evidence on the  next court date. The investigation of Penner has a Legal Obligation to court or he is ordered in direct court.

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