Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A young woman was sexually assaulted Belize

At around 5:45am this morning a dark texture male slim body, wearing a black t-shirt and black shorts rode behind a young woman on a black bicycle with silver handle bars. The woman ran into Barrack road in Belize City as she always do and others do in the mornings.

Around Celebrity Restaurant on Marine Parade, the black male texture then jumped off and took out a knife held it on too the young woman's throat from behind and affectionate her inappropriately in different areas while telling her not to move or fight him or else he will cut her throat.

Suddenly, he asked her to open her les and she think fast and kicked him in the groin area while he standing behind her. She quickly made her escape from her attacker. We inform all Ladies to aware of their surroundings and do not take any objects valuable from strangers when you go to exercise in public, also go in couples or in group and not alone. If notice anything mischievous please call the nearest police Department.

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