Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Lionfish in Belize and protecting the water

Every year throughout Belize in the second week in March is celebrated Reef Week. Children and schools are educated about protecting the waters and how to keep them clean. Oceana which is the largest Organization in Belize and international group is a working group to protect the waters of Belize. Today, the organization is fully on its work to protect the famous Barrier Reef and also from destruction of others, overfishing, pollution and oil spilling.

 The Barrier Reef is one of the home and comfort for the different species viewed under water. Some that could be seen is the Parrot Fish, Sting Rays, gamefish - mackerel, kingfish, wahoo, tuna, sailfish and marlin and much more. This fish has a unique look from the outside, But they have stinging venomous spikes, gluttonous pests which are very threatening to humans and the Caribbean sea. Lion-fish will eat whatever they to survive.

For the fishermen they are unfamiliar to this fish and are afraid to catch it or eat it and fear the painful sting. Blue Ventures, are in fight to this fish, which spreads quickly when they are breeding. Lion-fish is a poising fish which is threating the second Barrier Reef in Belize.  For the first in Belize, when the fish was first confirmed to been seen in December 0f 2008, people were surprised to see this kind of fish.  Since 2009 the Organization "Oceana" had been protecting our waters in Belize. One of the problem we had every had is the Lion-fish since its arrival in the Belize waters.

But, the fishermen were told as they see one on the water to just kill it. The only way to keep the number down, is for the fishermen to  catch the fish without being stung and remove the meat and prove the restaurants owners to serve them. A market for Lion-Fish  are intenting to be created to sell this fish to save the Reef by Jennifer Chapman of Blue Ventures.

In San Pedro which is mostly seen swimming along the waters, the ECOMAR worked together with the Belize Fisheries Department in 2008, to raise funds to decrease the number of Lionfish in Belize. A monthly meeting are made for tournaments and workshops to limit the amount of the fish and catching tour guides and fishermen how to kill and use this fish.

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