Friday, 21 March 2014

24 hour service Ambulance in San Pedro

Our beautiful Island is growing everyday and the facilities of the clinic services is lacking on a 24 hour medical treatment. More than 10 years that the community of San Pedro had been asking for the need of service for a 24 hour service Clinic and Ambulance service. The importance of a need of this 24 hour is to make the island a better community.

A plan by Dr. Daniel Gonzalez came up with a plan to give the 24 hour Ambulance service in San Pedro. Along with Dr. Daniel, Rick Eager had teamed up together and will be working together for this to happen at the end of this year. This will include the needs to help the community since their are no services at night.

More than 35 years of experience Dr. Daniel Gonzalez will provide a higher level to San Pedro whether  primary core treatment that will develop a spear plan for 2-3 rooms in a two stories building in the future expansions for Ambergris Hopes Clinic. He is also OB/GYN (obstetrics and gynecology). It is provide more service to the island and more doctors to better the medical diagnose center in the island and expanding the need of Baby stabilization.

The plan for the future expansion will include diving emergency, Air lifting, radiology, X-ray, Ultra Sounds and 24 hour Ambulance in need. This trained  personnel will have paramedics readily in hand for the community. When it comes to Emergencies in San Pedro, Tourists statics are  afraid because their no 24 hour medical service and money are being lost.

The people will also be asked for insurance local and tourist for a record. In the upcoming month the plan should begin for the services to be available for the island in the next six months. Government  of Belize is wanting to locate a land for a new 24 hour medical center. But, services can be upgraded in the Polyclinic vicinity. At the mean time a Polaris will be used to the condition of the roads in San Pedro.

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