Sunday, 16 March 2014

BTB in search for its fourth director

In the last five years below the UDP in General, the BTB  had to change four chairman. Likewise, they had switched through the third CEO and its fourth Director. Michael Singh who was denied a renewal contract was one of the least person like and replaced with the laziness of  Lindsay Garbutt.
Minister of Tourism Manuel Herredia has not explained correctly on how his fleet tourism institution is once more Tumult. The (BTB) Belize Tourism Board is finding for their fourth tourism responsible  person after six years under Manuel Heredia's guidance through his leadership.

The Minister's appearance were agitation but, as usual, the strength in speaking with the sense when he was interviewed about the interior argument at BTB in which the average in the Director Laura Esquivel Frampton pressed out of her post. Herredia was redeemed by seven senior managers forced employees  who felt that his political agreement of Esquivel Frampton as head of BTB was horrible chosen.

"In a critical letter calling for the head of the BTB Director, the highest rank managers forced Herredia to face whatever political consequence came his way by discarding Esquivel Frampton, who is the daughter of former Prime Minister Manuel Esquivel. A worse choice was not to welcome a scenario", the managers told Herredia.

The letter was secretly showed to the media when Minister Manuel Heredia Jr. was asked on Wednesday  when the decision that was best chosen was denied at any knowledge that the letter was in existence or he knew at any problem with Esquivel Frampton.

Yet, Heredia discharged himself and uncover himself as either a liar or unaware Minister. 99% he does not know what is going on the news source. He did not saw any of the letter being sent to him and was not alerted that it was their in existence. He said " It could be a playfully cause by the letter.

But Herredia shot himself in the foot and exposed himself as either a liar or a clueless Minister.
Herredia claimed that he had not seen the letter that was sent to him and that he does not watch the evening news 99% of the time, so he wasn’t aware that it even existed. He said the letter could be the making of “mischief”. Yet the Minister boasted that he is “always on top” of everything going on in his Ministries and that he addresses issues as soon as possible with the least possible consequence”.
Herredia also appeared nonchalant about the uprising against his appointed Tourism Director because as far as he knows Esquivel-Frampton had impeccable integrity.
But the letter itself points out that the serious problems with Esquivel-Frampton have been simmering for some time. The Directors indicate that their issues with Esquivel-Frampton have existed from as far back as July last year and that it does involve her management of BTB finances.
So how could Herredia who is “always on top” of things not have become aware of the festering internal battles at the vital Tourism organization?
Even more alarming is that the BTB is now in need of its 5th Director in just six short years. The UDP curse on BTB continues. Executive officials only last a year or so there. On September 23rd, 2011, BTB Director Seleni Matus abandoned her BTB post and hurriedly left to the United States, following exposure of lavish spending by former Tourism CEO Lindsay Garbutt. Before Matus, other high officials were either booted or simply left including once Deputy Chairman Santiago Castillo and Stanley Longsworth who were both fired in such a dramatic manner that Santi described it as “like a thief in the night”.

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