Monday, 24 March 2014

Three fisheries countries had been blocked by European, including Belize

Fishing around the world has its limitation.  It is a benefit for the country to sell fish in destination for importing and exporting fish throughout the world. But,  the bad news todayEuropean Union had banned three countries Cambodia, Guinea and Belize after failing to despite on illegal fishing. Brussels are used to catch fish while out on sea. Environmental groups had called the EU to report the matter.

European Union had banned  this three countries’ in reports of illegal in rising and adjusting fishing uncontrolled (IUU) to produce 11 to 26 million tones of catches of fish annually in a price of 7 – 17 Billion euros an estimate of 23.4 billion dollars. The EU will no longer import fishing from this three countries caught by boat or ships due to its punishment in the on all 28th nation.  
The European is blaming the three countries of fault “ to present the real engagement to tackle the problem of illegal fishing" and breaking the international law, notwithstanding a warning by bloc back in November 2012.

The EU had been working many years to decrease the amount of illegal fishing especially other species under water like shark and bluefin tuna. The EU is asking the government to improve security surveillance and enforcing from illegal fishing.

“IUU works globally on crimes activity in fisheries which is threatening not to only EU fishermen and markets, but in developing countries and local communities.” Government of bloc said.

”I would like that this blacklisting act as a change for Belize, Cambodia, and Guinea to step in their efforts. I want the citizens of European to that the fish they are consuming comes sustainable from wherever it comes from.” EU Fisheries Commissioner Maria Damanaki added.

Flying Vessels catch flag will no longer be accepted for a Belizean, Cambodian to be imported within the European.  Fishing with vessels will also be prohibited by the bloc within the waters. Fisheries Agreements within the three nations are discard.

Few environmental groups had called to the EU to block three countries to catch any fish from non-EU vessels fishing and are prohibited in the three countries water by bloc.

Those that were warning in the past by the EU over illegal fishing Curacao, Fiji, Ghana, South Korea, Panama, Sri Lanka, Togo and Vanuatu have not taken further action.
"Closing the world‘s most valuable seafood market to countries that do not cooperate in fighting illegal fishing is a crucial step," Steve Trent of the Environmental Justice Foundation said.


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