Sunday, 22 June 2014

San Pedro 2014 Block Party Lobster fest Festival

Each year the community of San Pedro celebrates the opening of the Lobster season which is held in June. You didn't wanted to miss this event. Lobster fest was filled with events through out the week in different locations in San Pedro. Each member's where stamped with their 2014 lobster crawl during the week.

This past Saturday was the biggest Block Party of the week was held in Central Park on June 21st. From tourist, to local, from wherever each and everyone enjoyed the music beat to the Lobster food being served and Drinks in each restaurants booth that came out this year.

It all commenced with Steel Pan all the way from Belmopan the ''Panderiffix''. With the instrumental well set up and the team well lined up they showed off their well performed music beats. They did an excellent job playing the music beats. Each year they perform better and better at the Lobster fest and the event keeps getting better.

Meanwhile, everyone where trying the Lobster food Lobster tail, BBQ Lobster, Cocktail, Lobster, Lobster Pizza and much more it all went well until midnight. If you went with an empty stomach  I hope you enjoyed each and every plate that was served. I tried the Elvi's Kitchen Lobster Stuffed Jalapeno, Lobster Chicken Dip, Lobster Cocktail, Lobster Burger and a Drink to go with it. While, trying the food I kept myself entertained with the steel drum music.

I visited all 15 boots that where Coco Blanco Pinocchio, Fido's, Pineapple Ramon's Village, Jambel Jerk Pit, Pirate's Restaurant, Caliente, The AIDS Commission, Cayo Espanto, Casa Picasso, Information on Red Cross both, Lobster fest T-shirt both, Pedro's inn, Carlo's and Ernie's, Hidden Treasure, Elvi's Kitchen, Robbins Kitchen. Which their food smelled hmmm good. A creation of well presented and tasty food you just had have more.

At the Judging time the judges had a difficult time choosing which one would be their favorite.The winner's for the 2014 where for the best drink was Hidden Treasure and Caso Picasso. For the best Lobster Dish was won by Risotto. The San Pedro Aids Commission won the best booth. Continuation of the block party was SUPA G played lived msic for the public. Very nice night was at Lobsterfest 2014.

Their where also painting artist
Elvi's Kitchen Stuffed Lobster Jalapeno

Steel Drum Paneriffix from Belmopan presented in San Pedro Lobster fest 2014


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