Saturday, 21 June 2014

Marco Gonzalez Maya Site Ceremonial

Marco Gonzalez Mayan site dates back from 100BC. It is located five miles south of San Pedro small area south of Laguna de Boca Chica.  Today San Marco Gonzalez is recognized from visitors around the world and on an 8 acres on a small area of elevated terrain. Over 2,000 years ago it could have been more noticeable from the evidence of the Maya that came to the island.

 Their are 19 Maya sites that are recognized in San Pedro Ambergris Caye but no dedicated attempts had been made to preserve any of them. Their the water rises approximately 2 feet and is surrounded of swamp here in Marco Gonzalez site.. to learn more visit :

On Saturday June 21st the public of San Pedro where invited to join the San Marco Gonzalez Ancient Maya Ceremony at 10am. Through swamp, through jungle, through the palms view up above the site is very evidence of natural soil and from different kinds of animals and pottery on the land when you enter the site. each step is like going back in time. It all started when Jane Brown introduced herself thanking each and everyone that showed up. 

The guy played the flute presentation very well before the ceremony. The guy song with two  flute at the same time, then 82 year old  Martin Chuck from San Marcos, Toledo was invited to give a ceremony to bless Marco Gonzalez site. 

Chuck gave his prayer in Maya giving his prayers to Jane Brown, the island and to protect the site from any harm. This Ceremony gives a lot of meaning as how important our Maya Culture are. First the pot was lid up. Everyone then lid up candles and then bowed their heads to give the prayer remarks. With the continuation of the prayer it took a matter of minutes so he could end his prayers. Martin Chuck did a great job giving his ceremonial blessing throughout the property.  

With the experience I saw it gives me a glance of  how much it means a lot to them to continue their culture and teach others whats behind their culture. 

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