Monday, 23 June 2014

The new U.S. Ambassador Carlos Moreno arrived With his wife in Belize

A press release made by Barrack Obama  on July 8, 2013 USA Today Report, Obama has tapped Carlos Roberto Moreno, where Carlos Moreno was unanimously confirmed by the US Congress as the new US ambassador to Belize. He was born in November 4, 1948 and is a Mexican-American jurist who has been confirmed to be United States Ambassador to Belize. 

Following his retirement from the Supreme Court of California in 2011, Moreno is currently of counsel with the California-based law firm Irell & Manella. Moreno was considered to be a leading candidate to replace retiring Justice David Souter on the U.S. Supreme Court The importance on the announcement said by President Obama is that it places on Belize that he chose a man of Mr Moreno’s talents and stature to represent the United States.

A retired California Supreme Court Justice, Carlos Moreno, had announced where he had at last received senatorial approval to Continue on diplomatic mission to Belize as US Ambassador. The Ambassador arrived in Belize on Saturday morning, June 20, Ambassador Carlos Moreno along with his wife to begin his Ambassadorship. 

The first trip he made couple of years ago he visited Belize, Mexico and Guatemala. Moreno is able to speak fluently in Spanish and is the son of Mexican immigrants; he thinks of himself as a “catious” jurist. As an Associate Justice of the California Supreme Court, Justice Moreno reviewed on appeal a wide range of civil and criminal cases, which have substantial state and federal constitutional implications. 

With his appointment to the Supreme Court of California, he became only the third judge of Hispanic heritage to serve in the Court's nearly 150-year history, and the first in more than a decade. He attended local public schools (such as Solano Elementary) before going east to Yale University, from which he graduated in 1970

According to US newspaper reports, others consider him as character of a competitive  for gay rights. back in 2009, he was the only California Supreme Court justice who would collect votes to overthrow Proposition Eight, an initiative that reinstated a ban on same-sex marriages.  In anticipation of his diplomatic tour, Moreno has released a message to Belizeans in which he speaks of his unstinting support for human rights, rule of law, as well as his passion for culture.

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