Monday, 2 June 2014

Music Jam growth in Belize

In the past 15 years music in Belize the music such as Dancehall and reggae music have been growing dramatically.Two main Popular in the Dancehall with two of its fans being brothers Jayme and Mark Ermeav, better  known as Boom Bangaz. 
The creation couple live permanently in Florida where they have earned an beneath following by mixing out the remixes which they upload through social media, specifically on their Soundcloud page.

Their recent release is the song Bredrin Girl by deejay Chan Dizzy, best known in Jamaica for the songs, Strange Face and Hello Bad Mind, the link with Chan Dizzy was good, Working with him felt natural and the vibe was right," said Mark, older of the brothers.

Discussing their new music as a blend of dance hall, reggae and hip hop, the brothers are looking for the breakthrough on American pop radio.

"We bring a mainstream fusion sound to the game. We blend dancehall with other genres to give it a more hip and marketable sound," Mark explained. "We want our music to be felt not only in the Caribbean or by Caribbean people living abroad, but by Americans and Europeans who have not yet connected with dancehall music."

Boom Bangaz was organized in 2013. 37 year old Mark and 25-year-old Jayme  got the round ball rolling with a great remix for Ex Boyfriend by Belizean artiste Tanya Carter.

The 'Bangaz' Originally from Belize City, mentioned the brothers they got to see dancehall and reggae in their teens.
They are planning to create a amount of remixes throughout the summer and work again with Chan Dizzy.

The Belize dancehall play has picked-up noticeably in the last decade. Beenie Man, Bugle, Tommy Lee and Tiana are some of the few artistes who have performed in the Central American country.

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