Tuesday, 3 June 2014

100 Garbage containers where donated to the Town of San Pedro

Yesterday an anonymous donor donated one Hundred garbage containers for the town of San Pedro. The garbage containers where painted colorfully and had San Pedro Town Council slogan "Keep La Isla Bonita Clean" to promote the awareness on having a cleaner and better San Pedro. We advise the public to keep La Isla Bonita clean and practice cleaner environment. Since they where donated for the town I went for a walk this morning and saw the garbage containers along the beach. These containers where placed at the parks, along Boca del Rio Drive and other designated locations around town. Let's  use this garbage container  as it suppose to be used and take proper care of this containers.

Its very attractive to see updates on the new containers. It is very costly but if we support the cleaning of the island you might help the island to be a better island. Take a look at this  containers taken this morning:

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