Sunday, 1 June 2014

Dean Barrow attended the IDB President meeting in Washington D.C.

The Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow went for a visit at Washington this week to met with the officials at the Inter-American Development Bank.

The reason for this meeting were a discussion with Barrow held talks with IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno to discuss “Belize’s relationship with the bank and priority areas of collaboration,” according to a statement from the IDB.

On both sides discussion about the bank’s newly-approved country plans with Belize, which will provide the IDB’s work in Belize over the next four years.

The bank mention the plan “aims to support the Government of Belize in improving public expenditure efficiency and effectiveness and promoting private sector development and sustainable export-led growth, by concentrating on four priority areas: education,tourism, transport and trade and tax policy.”

On both sides more discussion on the previous economic developments in the country, tourism, agriculture and the bank’s 2014 lending programme with Belize.

The IDB has been sustained projects in Belize since the country joined together with the bank as a borrowing member back in 1992. The recent IDB’snportfolio in Belize contained five loans a sum of $38 million.

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