Saturday, 1 March 2014

Riena Del Carnaval 2014-15

The Show started as the five contestants came out with their gorgeous  dresses. While the audience where anxiously awaiting for the six lovely contestants the crowd slowly settled down. They  gave full attention up on stage. One-by-one the contestants came  out. Fashion style dresses to their eyes glimmer with the eyeliner. their lovely, a wind-bitten pink, Harmony looks from constant smiles.
As  each contestants made their way out to the stage mentioning their names, they kept the audience excited.  Mel Spain, Sherlette Belisle, Eleonor Rosado, Shelly Arceo, Zeina Alamilla and Edilma Aguilar. Their expression of irony in different ways, entertained the crowd. The irony captivated the audience and make them read-on.

As highlighting the show, at the beginning of the show they came out with their full length dresses. That began very entertaining. On this part they showcased their dress to compete with whose was the best and made their speech and a song. On their second presentation their sports wear presentation was Tennis, Fishing, Football.  Displaying their Sports wear; the five contestant couldn't be any fun. Each one came out dressed as their sports wear. Good One! Thirdly, having to show case their cultural style dressed to high school girl it was full of fun to see them competing. Last, they competed on the excellent favorite dresses yellow, white, purple, blue, gold, green/black. The crowd cheered for their favorite contestants throughout the show.

From the very great practice the show was awesome. Judging the entire presentation all where given  a crown and a flower bouquet. Second runner was given to Mel Spain and First place was given to Leonor Rosado.

Throughout the show, dances presentation was presented by Island Academy, Spanish singer, And last Local Hip-Hop Group presentation. It was fun watching the show and very unique to see everyone laughing and entertained.



Leonor Rosado High Girl

Hip-Hop Dancers
Island Academy Dance Group
The Six Contestants.

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