Thursday, 27 February 2014

Fruta Bomba in Corozal lay's off 95 workers

Last week as the Casino was closed for good and having 57 employees laid-off and 200 unemployed,  Today Fruta Bomba Limited, a Papaya producing business near San Joaquin  in Corozal  announced the laying of workers. It is known as one of the largest Papaya company in Belize. Over 95 workers had been dismissed from the plantation industry. The problem for the company not to continue is due to rain in December 2013.

As a decision was made, the workers where dismissed. Fruta Bomba Limited Industry lost a massive fifty percent due to last years rain. The only option they had made is to keep the remaining staff employed. This is a serious large number of unemployment for the Northern Part of Belize.

According to Gilberto Vivas, General Manager, Fruta Bomba Production was bad due to rain and it was noticeable. Having fifty percent food packers unsuccessful  it caused the agriculture to and effect change.  This made the days unsteadily. We will keep the remainder of the workers in order to survive.

According Brooks Tropical Company located in Florida owner of two companies in Belize Fruta Bomba and Belize Fruit Packers , states everything was done properly according to its Labor Laws. The workers where laid of in everything they deserved. The company will continue to run its plantation in Orange District. We will try to rehire according to the needs and the quantity in the future. If possible will be running to normal in 2015.

Three Hundred  and Ninety-Six workers where in the Fruta Bomba and To Hundred and Twenty- two in  where in the Food packers. Fruta Bomba has not yet confirmed the lost in the company. But, and average of close to a Million dollars were lost from damaged Papaya.

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