Sunday, 2 March 2014

Carnival 2014 in San Pedro

It was a great day in San Pedro as the Carnival tradition started. Today was the first day of carnival  and The weather was quite enjoyable.  As we all know the tradition comparsas in San Pedro, we all do enjoy seeing the tradition. It started of very well and was enjoyable. From different colors to kids painting each other, running out and a-bout  from throwing eggs, to squeezing bottles, and catching those fresh faces. We advise any visitors in the island to be aware of painting is going on until Tuesday. At this time of the year, the creativities of each group attracts many  locally and touristic ally. As the groups prepared for this years thrilling experience today's event was excellent.

The event will continue tomorrow at 3p. Children and Adults come out to enjoy this event as the comparsas will continue the tradition. Tuesday at 3pm come enjoy the last day as the announcement of the comparsas competition winner. Music provided to you by Local DJ's at 10pm. Wednesday is the Burning od Done Juan at 7pm. come on out enjoy the San Pedro 2014 Carnaval  tradition. Here are some picture's Below:


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