Monday, 4 August 2014

UPDATE: BML workers trash Belize City in front of the town Hall

The argument between Belize City Council and BML today infront of the court, Belize City Council will not renew the contract for Belize Maintenance Limited in 2014. Money that was owed to the company is weeks on behind arrears. That's over 1.48 million dollars owed to the BML workers.  Employees of BML trashed some part  of the city this morning near the police station on Queen Street and City Hall and on North Front Street. According to the PUP, one of its political radio talk show hosts, Albert Vaughn was wrongfully hiding the event and he was detained. 

On August 5th, 2014 an all day arrangement was made over BML workers. Forty-one Sanitation Workers where charged for Loitering and Littering Following Protest.  The workers who claim that they haven't received any payment for nineteen weeks and it will go into serenity manner when it was announced to the workers meaning (Lay-off)(rejected).

 Their is no timetable by the company is to when the workers will be paid. Because BML cannot continue to manage paying the works Mayor made a strong statement with the pile of garbage. With the angry workers they threw garbage in front of the city hall. Over Forty workers where then locked up through-out the day of Monday then spent all day at court and where then charged a ticket fine of $500 hundred each. 

Audrey Matura-Shepherd,  Attorney for Sanitation Workers prepared a Police bail at the Queen Street Police Station.

Angry workers explained how they where mall treated in the cell left without food and water. Some explained it was not an political involvement but to pay them as they suppose too. All charges where made at an old charge sheet instead of the new one. Since the charges where made that way the split charges could be made among all which is  not possible. At the Court everyone was placed at different court room. twenty two where charged and rest was left for Wednesday August 6th. When asked by Mayor Bradley about the angry people he rejected the media and fled the scene. 

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